Slot It SICA10A McLaren F1 GTR, Goodwood 2005 (C)

I must say its been many years since I have seen a 1/32 plastic/ home set car. I have raced 1/24 and HO for many years. With being invited to race at at friends home wood track I wanted to show up with a car so I bought this Slot It McLaren after calling and talking to ED's tech department. I got it the day before the race day and broke it in on a power supply for 10 mins. and got ready to go the next day.
When I got there I loosened up the motor pod and body screws and put on the extra set of rubber and started driving. It was working great and I had a blast! The last plastic car I had drove back in the 70-80's was just a toy compared to this Slot It car! This was a race car! I'm hooked! I will buy more! Thank you!

barney poynor, 04/04/2010
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