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A More Perfect McLaren

March 25, 2013

Upgrading the Carrera McLaren M20 We really like the Carrera 1/32 scale CanAm cars, especially the McLaren M20  There is something about the M20 that seems to make it the very picture of what a CanAm car should be.  Carrera’s M20 model, along with other recent Carrera cars, incorporates features that make it a big improvement over the company’s... [Read more ⇒]

Electric Dreams Helps Audi Canada Reinvent The Test-Drive

January 18, 2013


Audi Canada Reinvents The Test-Drive With World’s First iPad Controlled Slot Car Race Last year we we were involved in a project that pushes out the boundaries of what can be done with slot car racing. It mated up a Slot Mods custom-built track with advanced computer technology to create a mobile interactive exhibit that allows members of the public... [Read more ⇒]

Monogram McLaren M6A project, part 2

May 20, 2011


NOTE:  This article picks up where our earlier article on modifying this car leaves off.  See that article first at before starting on the modifications described in this article. A while back we published an article on how to modify a Monogram McLaren... [Read more ⇒]

How to Improve your Ninco 1 Mustang.

February 15, 2011


A little while back we showed you how easy it is to put clear windows and an interior in a Ninco 1 Mustang. Now, we’ll show you some easy fixes for the car’s somewhat anemic straight line speed and handling. The first thing we tackled was the car’s magnet. Ninco cars are all designed primarily for non-magnet operation. The magnets... [Read more ⇒]

Deja Vu

February 1, 2011


Fixing some of the same mistakes on Monogram’s McLaren M6 that we fixed on their Lola T70 Where have we seen a photo like this before? Oh, I remember… It was this one, in our article about fixing the designers’ mistakes on the Monogram Lola T70. There is probably a good and sufficient reason why they jacked up the McLaren’s... [Read more ⇒]

Let the Sun shine in!

January 9, 2011


Adding windows and an interior to a Ninco 1 Mustang by L. Owen Fast We got an e-mail recently from a customer asking if we could tell him whether it was possible to transplant the windows and interior from a Scalextric or Carrera late-model Mustang into a Ninco 1 Mustang. it seems he wanted to use the Ninco body to build a car for a race in which... [Read more ⇒]

Special Track Layouts For Specific Purposes

December 3, 2010


Not everybody who sets out to build a slot car racing layout wants to duplicate a specific life-sized track in miniature.  Many layout builders have  limitations on the size or shape of the available space and want to maximize lap length within that space.  Others want to build a track with certain racing characteristics regardless of what the course... [Read more ⇒]

Famous North American Racing Circuits In Miniature

October 29, 2010

Pacific Raceways in Scalextric Sport track

We are frequently asked for track design ideas.  The possibilities with modern sectional track systems are endless, limited only by your imagination, available space, and budget.  A great place to begin is with famous full-sized race courses.  There are a number of publications by the different track system manufacturers that provide track plans,... [Read more ⇒]

Information for First-time Race Set Shoppers

August 19, 2010


Thank you for choosing Electric Dreams as the place to shop for your first slot car race set.  We want every newcomer to the hobby to have a fun, successful first experience with slot cars, especially children, who are the future of slot car racing, not to mention the world. If you have no previous firsthand experience with slot cars you may be confused... [Read more ⇒]

American Iron Track Test

May 30, 2010

It looks like 2010 is very much the Year of the American Car, with TransAm, SCCA, and CanAm cars, along with the usual crop of NASCARs, coming from several different manufacturers.  The classic TransAm category is rapidly heating up with new cars from SCX and Pioneer arriving to challenge Scalextric’s Mustangs and Camaros.  The new arrivals... [Read more ⇒]

Carrera Mustang FR500C Performance Upgrade

May 25, 2010

We like the looks of the Carrera 27134 Mustang, but it could use some help in the handling department.  Well, as it happens, we had a set of wheels and tires from a Scalextric Ferrari F430 lying around and noticed that the Mustang’s body and chassis left room for wheels and tires a lot wider than the skinny ones it comes with.  Would the Scalextric... [Read more ⇒]

Comparing Race Sets and Track Systems

May 17, 2010


  We get a lot of requests from customers, especially those just starting out in slot car racing, asking us which brand of race set or track system to buy. Even some hobbyists who have been racing slot cars for some time still have not made a long-term decision about which track system to go with. At present, we carry the complete track systems... [Read more ⇒]

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