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Newsletter November 3rd, 2016

November 6, 2016 by  
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We made a special search and found three of the extraordinary hand-made Le Mans Miniatures cast resin kits. These are not ready to race but the bodies are painted and all of the decals to recreate their markings are included so you can complete the model.


LeMans Miniatures 132006KP Audi R8 LeMans 2004, PAINTED KIT (C)

PRICE REDUCED 20%. Complete, unassembled, painted kit.

$137.95 $109.95

Save: 20% off

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LeMans Miniatures 132013KP Audi R8, PAINTED KIT (C)

PRICE REDUCED 20% 2002 LeMans winner, complete, unassembled kit with painted body. Builds up into a complete running car.

$141.95 $109.95

Save: 23% off

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LeMans Miniatures 132016KP Pescarolo C60 Judd, PAINTED KIT (C)

PRICE REDUCED 20% Builds up into a complete running car. Complete painted, unassembled kit with decals to model either the #16 or #17 car. LeMans 2006.

$139.95 $109.95

Save: 21% off

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New This Week

Want to see what’s new? Just keep reading…

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The “authentic” General Lee Charger (after its flight through the mud hole) is here from Pioneer with the “dirt” effect applied to each model by hand. There is a limited number so order yours now.


Pioneer P017 Dodge Charger “General Lee—Moonshine Run” (dirty version)


Standing figurine of ‘Daisy’ with yellow shirt.

19K ‘DIXIE POWER’ motor, tuned for Moonshine runs.

Scalextric Digital DPR ready

New ‘PurePower’ wiring loom

Model complete with display case and special edition packaging + vehicle data card.

Spare ‘Dixie’ parts bag included under base.


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New Cars Coming Soon

Three more 2016 releases, including a new Can-Am McLaren M8D, are available for pre-order now.


Slot It SICA26E McLaren M8D, n.5 1st Can-Am Watkins Glen—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Slot It SICA26E McLaren M8D, n.5 1st Can-Am Watkins Glen.


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Slot It SICA06H Sauber Mercedes C9 ‘Kouros’ LeMans 1987—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Slot It SICA06H Sauber Mercedes C9 ‘Kouros’ LeMans 1987.


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Slot It SICA31B Lola Aston Martin DBR1-2—PRE-ORDER NOW!!!

SICA31B Lola Aston Martin DBR1-2.


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The Scalextric “Gulf” Porsche 997 (a new body) and five more new cars are due in November so you can pre-order yours now.


Scalextric C3732 Porsche 911 (Type 991) – ‘GULF’ Silverstone, 2015 Elms Series—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Gulf Racing started using the Porsche 911, type 991 in 2014 and was the first Porsche to wear the iconic blue and orange in over 30 years. Gulf Racing has been winning races for over 50 years and is arguably the most famous name in motorsport.

Pro Chassis Ready (PCR)

Digital Plug Ready

Easy Change Pick-Ups

High Detail


Working Rear Lights

Xenon Effect Headlights

The replacement underpan (frame) to accept motor pods and drive train components must be purchased separately: C8543 PCR Underpan Porsche 911 (type 991).


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Scalextric C3721 BMW Z4 GT3 – Blancpan Series Brands Hatch 2015—PRE-ORDER NOW!

A legend of GT circuits all of the world, the iconic BMW Z4 is seen here wearing the colours of BMW Sports Trophy Team Brazil. Driven by Caca Bueno and Sergio Jimenez, the two Team cars finished in 2nd and 4th in the Brands Hatch leg of the 2015 Blancpain Series.

Pro Chassis Ready (PCR)

Digital Plug Ready

Easy Change Pick-Ups

High Detail


Working Rear Lights

Xenon Effect Headlights


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Scalextric C3722 Aston Martin DB5, red—PRE-ORDER NOW!

The Aston Martin DB5 was designed by Italian coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. First released in 1963, the DB5 is famous for being one of the most recognisable James Bond cars. While often associated with darker colours like silver, the DB5 here is produced in a vibrant red.


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Scalextric C3743 BMW Mini Cooper S – Mini Challenge JCW 2015 Champion—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Hastings based driver Neil Newstead began racing in 2011 following some track days he attended in 2010. Moving up from the MSVR track day to the Kumho BMW Championship, Neil soon made it to the Power Maxed MINI Challenge for the 2014 season.

Neil had an unbelievable 2015 season and claimed first place overall in the JCW class.

Digital Plug Ready

Easy Change Pick-Ups

High Detail


Working Rear Lights

Xenon Effect Headlights


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Scalextric C3749 Ford Escort MK2, 1980 Acropolis Rally—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Racing for Rothmans Rally Team, after Ford’s withdrawal in 1979, Ari Vatanen took his first win in the Ford Escort RS1800 MkII at the Acropolis Rally in 1980. The following year he became the first driver to become World Rally Champion without being on an official factory team, a feat that remains unbroken to this day.

Digital Plug Ready

Easy Change Pick-Ups

High Detail


Working Rear Lights

Xenon Effect Headlights


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Scalextric C3750 Audi Sport Quattro E2, Swedish Rally Cross 1990—PRE-ORDER NOW!

After finishing 1st in the first round of the 1990 European Rally Cross Championship in Austria, Herbert Breiteneder went to Sweden for round two. Breiteneder took to the track in his ex-Röhrl Audi Sport Quattro S1E2, finishing a respectable 7th in the group B class. Breiteneder finished the season 5th overall.


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Scalextric 2010 Releases

December 31, 2009 by  
Filed under Slot Car News

As posted on every slot car forum site in the world by now…


Scalextric Start -World Rally – C1249 – 2nd quarter
Scalextric Start – Grand Prix – C1250 – 2nd quarter
Scalextric Start – GT Endurance – C1251 – 2nd quarter
McLaren – C1253 – 3rd quarter
Digital Lane Change – C1256 – 2nd quarter
007 James Bond – C1254 – 3rd quarter
Extreme GT – C1255 – 3rd quarter

F1 Cars

McLaren F1 2010 Hamilton – C3043 – 3rd quarter
McLaren F1 2010 -C3046 – 3rd quarter
Brawn GP 2009 – C3048 – 2nd quarter
Ferrari 2009 Raikonnen – C3051 – 2nd quarter
Ferrari 2009 Massa – C3052 – 2nd quarter

Limited Edition Cars

LIMITED EDITION: Gulf Oil Aston Martin Le Mans twin pack – C3055A – 3rd quarter
LIMITED EDITION: 1955 Jaguar D-Type & Mercedes SLR Le Mans – C3058A – 2nd quarter
Aston Martin DB5 (007 Bond) – C3091A – 2nd quarter
Brawn GP (J Button) – C3047A – 2nd quarter

Street Super Resistant Cars

Ferrari F430 (Super Resistant) – C3067 – 1st quarter
Subaru Police Car – C3068 – 4th quarter
TOP GEAR Lamborghini Gallardo (Super Resistant) – C3069 – 3rd quarter
TOP GEAR Nissan GT-R (Super Resistant) – C3070 – 3rd quarter
TOP GEAR Porsche 997 (Super Resistant) – C3071 – 3rd quarter
Nissan GT-R (STANDARD, Super Resistant) – C3072 -1st quarter
Mini Cooper (Super Resistant) – C3073 – 1st quarter
Porsche 997 (Super Resistant) – C3074 – 1st quarter
Lamborghini Gallardo (Super Resistant) – C3075 – 1st quarter

Endurance Super Resistant Cars

Audi R8 GT3 (Super Resistant) – C3045 – 2nd quarter
Lamborghini Gallardo GT (Super Resistant) – C3078 – 1st quarter
Porsche 997 (Super Resistant) – C3079 – 1st quarter
Ferrari F430 GT (Super Resistant) – C3080 – 1st quarter

Endurance Detalied Cars

Jaguar XKR GT3 2010 – C3081 – 3rd quarter
Audi R8 GT3 (Detailed) – C3060 – 2nd quarter
Mercedes Benz 722 GT – C3010 – 1st quarter
PRO Performance Car 1 (Aston Martin DBR9) – C3082 – 3rd quarter
PRO Performance Car 2 (Chevrolet Impala SS) – C3083 – 3rd quarter
Porsche 911 – C3084 – 2nd quarter
Peugeot 908 (2009 Le Mans winner) – C3011 – 1st quarter
Ferrari F430 GT2 – C3085 – 2nd quarter
Aston Martin DBR9 – C3063 – 2nd quarter
Porsche RS Spyder – C3086 – 4th quarter
Ford GT – C3088 – 4th quarter

Street Detalied Cars

Aston Martin DBS – C3089 – 1st quarter

Rally Detalied Cars

Ford Focus WRC Eddie Stobart – C3090 – 2nd quarter

Classic Detalied Cars

Lotus 49 – C3092 – 4th quarter
Caterham – C3093 – 2nd quarter
Williams FW15C (Prost, 1993) – C3094 – 4th quarter
McLaren MP4-6 (Senna, 1991) – C3095 – 4th quarter
Ford Lotus Cortina – C3096 – 3rd quarter
Ford GT40 – C3097 – 3rd quarter
Ferrari 330 P4 – C3098 – 1st quarter
Ford Escort Mk 1 – C3099 – 4th quarter
Mini – C3100 – 4th quarter
Holden L34 Torana – C3101 – 2nd quarter
Ferrari 250 GTO – C3061 – 1st quarter
Eagle Gurney-Weslake – C3102 – 4th quarter
Ferrari 308 GTB – C3062 – 1st quarter

Touring Cars

Mini Cooper S – C3103 – 2nd quarter

USA Cars

1969 Dodge Charger Dukes of Hazard – C3044 – 1st quarter
1970-73 Camaro – C3106 – 4th quarter
Classic Ford Mustang – C3107 – 4th quarter
Classic Camaro – C3108 – 3rd quarter

Additional Cars

Jaguar XKR GT3 Concept (Super Resistant Race Livery) – C3131 – 3rd quarter
Porsche 997 Triple X (Super Resistant Race Livery ) – C3132 – 3rd quarter
Caterham R500 Blue (High Detail) – C3133 – 4th quarter
Audi R8 GT3 Rosberg (Super Resistant Race Livery) – C3134 – 3rd quarter
Lamborghini Gallardo GT-R MRP Motorsports (Super Resistant Race Livery) – C3135 -4th quarter
Ford GT-R Black Swan (High Detail) – C3136 – 4th quarter
Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico Red (Collector Centre) – C3113 – 3rd quarter
Super Resistant Twinpack: BMW Mini (Blue/Yellow) – C3128 – 3rd quarter
Super Resistant Twinpack: Nissan GT-R (Red) / Porsche 997 (Blue) – C3129 – 3rd quarter
Super Resistant Twinpack: Lamborghini Gallardo (Orange/Blue) – C3130 – 3rd quarter
Scalextric Start Twinpack: Rally – C3139 – 3rd quarter
Scalextric Start Twinpack: Single Seaters – C3141 – 3rd quarter
Scalextric Start Twinpack: GT -C3140 – 3rd quarter

Scalextric Publications

2010 Scalextric Catalogue – C8172 – 1st quarter

Scalextric Accessories

Scalextric Convertor Track – C8525 – 2nd quarter
Bulk Pack Straights (x4) – C8526 – 2nd quarter
Scalextric Start Track Extension Pack (x2) – C8527 – 2nd quarter

There will undoubtedly be some additions to this list at the Nurnburg Toy Fair in a few weeks.

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