TO SHOP FOR PRODUCTS SEE LISTINGS BELOW. Carrera makes the only plastic sectional track available that's wide enough for 1/24 as well as 1/32 scale cars. Both 1:32 and 1:24 scale Carrera sets use the same track system, so you can freely combine track from Carrera sets of either scale to make one large layout.Carrera track is made of a hard plastic, as opposed to the more resilient material used by other manufacturers. This yields a slightly smoother track surface but at some cost in durability,ease of use, and suitability for use by young children. Carrera track offers the deepest and widest slot of any currently available plastic sectional track system, allowing the use of commercial track jet guides. You can run vintage and new 1/32 and 1/24 scale cars on Carrera track. 1/32 scale Carrera cars will run fine on Ninco, Artin and Scalextric "Sport" tracks, though they may need some trimming of the guide flag to fit the slots on these track systems. Because of its greater width Carrera track is somewhat less space efficient than narrower tracks designed specifically for 1:32 scale cars. If your racing plans definitely include running 1:24 scale cars Carrera is really your only choice other than building a track from scratch. If you don't plan to race 1:24 you may well find that the greater space efficiency and more numerous layout options of the Scalextric Sport track system will be of more value to you, particularly if you are working within tight space constraints.

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