Slot It Gears, Sidewinder/Anglewinder (spur/pinion)

Slot It gears provide higher performance and quality that original equipment gears that come on most 1:32 scale slot cars. Slot It has gears to fit virtually any 1:32 scale slot car with 3/32" axles and .078" motor shaft. Some cars with limited body or chassis clearance arouund the gers ma not be able to use all sizes of Slot It gears or may need some carving on the chassis to provide the necessary clearance. Slot It gears are not always compatible with original equipment gears, so for best results the pinion and the driven gear should be replaced with Slot It gears together.

Slot It offset crown gears allow the motor shaft to be below the axle center, and thereby allow the entire motor to sit lower in the chassis for a lower center of gravity. They can only be used with a motor mount installation that places the motor shaft and rear axle in the correct relationship. Slot It's offset inline motor mounts, SICH22 and 24, give the correct alignment. They can be used with the HRS chassis and can be fitted into Slot It RTR cars. They can also be used in scratchbuilt chassis.

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