Ninco 1/32 Scale Race Sets, Analog

All sets in this category are 1/32 scale.

Ninco race sets offer track that is a little wider than Scalextric but not as wide as Carrera. This give 1:32 scale cars a little more elbow room but doesn't provide enough width to race 1:24 scale cars. The extra width also makes Ninco track less space-efficient than Scalextric but a bit better in this department than Carrera. The track surface has a more pronounced texture than either Scalextric or Carrera. The surface offers good traction with some kinds of tires but may cause excessive wear with others, especially silicones.

Ninco cars are generally well made and smooth running. They tend to have less magnetic downforce than Scalextric cars or some newer Carrera cars and may require aftermarket tires and magnets to achieve comparable handling. All of the various manufacturers' non-digital cars will run on Ninco non-digital tracks. Ninco's digital system, however, is not compatible with those of other manufacturers so digital cars cannot be interchanged without modification.

Ninco power supplies deliver adequate amperage to run stock or mildly modified cars, especially if you use one power pack per lane, which is highly recommended. For cars with more extreme magnet and/or motor upgrades you will want to use an aftermarket power supply delivering 2 or more amps per lane. Ninco power supplies and controllers both connect to the track with industry-standard plugs, which makes adapting aftermarket units easy to do. Both Parma and Professor Motor make controllers prewired with plugs for Ninco tracks.

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