Scalextric A1GP Cars

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The Scalextric A1GP car is designed to have a very strong front nose wing assembly and integral rear wing as incorporated in the full size car. Fuel cap, wing mirrors and wind screen are still detailed but due to their low profile they will not easily break. This ensures that these Scalextric cars will race with the minimum of damage while still retaining a high level of detail.  Modern open wheel cars of any kind -- F1, Indy cars, or what have you -- are always going to be less crashworthy than sedans and sports cars because they have so many wings and other appendages in positions where they can get knocked off in crashes, but these A1GP cars are designed to be as durable as it's possible for an open-wheel car to be.  So, if you need cars of this type for some reason but you know they are going to get rough use, the Scalextric A1GP cars are your best bet and will stand up to crashing better than other open-wheel cars.

Durability. Magnatraction and quick change braid plate.

Dimensions & Configuration
Car: Overall length 150 mm, Wheelbase 94 mm, Weight 69 gm
Rear: Axle width 60 mm, Tyre diameter 21 mm, Width 13 mm
Front: Axle width 58 mm, Tyre diameter 21 mm, Width 10 mm
Magnet: Rectangular 2.5 mm, Gear ratio 9:27
Motor: In-Line Rear Mounted Rear 2 wheel drive Mabuchi SP 18k rpm

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