Scalextric Sport Track System

Scalextric's Sport track system is the most versatile, space-efficient, user-friendly 1:32 scale track system on the market. It is not wide enough to race 1:24 scale cars on but it will accommodate all brands of 1:32 scale cars with no changes to the cars other than a slight trimming of the guide blade on some. The track sections literally slide together and lock tightly for a secure fit and solid electrical connections. The track is made from a flexible and resilient material that will stand up to repeated assembly and disassembly without the tabs that hold the sections together becoming brittle and breaking. It will also survive being stepped on. The steel contact strips may get bent and need to be straightened out, but this can be done easily and the plastic will not break. This makes Scalextric Sport ideal for anyone who must set up and take down his track frequently, especially if the track must be set up on the floor. It also makes it ideal for anyone who likes to change layouts frequently and for any situation in which the track will be set up, taken down, and played with by young children. Scalextric offers a large selection of different track sections including four different radii of flat turns and two different radii of banked turns. Tracks of up to 8 lanes are possible though most home tracks have no more than 4 lanes due to space considerations. The curve radii are such that you can make a 4-lane 180 degree turn with borders in the width of a 4X8 sheet of plywood with room to spare without using the smallest of the available curve radii. This makes table construction much simpler and in conjunction with the variety of straight sections offered lets you get the most layout into the available space and makes it easy to build almost any layout you can design and still have everything connect up properly without having to use excessive amounts of space ot weird combinations of curve radii. Scalextric's Power Base (the track section that the transformers and controllers plug into) easily accommodates either one transformer powering both lanes or a separate one for each lane. The Power Base and the standard controllers are wired for third-wire dynamic brakes. The controllers use an industry-standard 3-connector plug, making it easy to adapt many kinds of aftermarket controllers for use with your Scalextric track. Both Parma and Professor Motor make controllers that come equipped with the correct plug. Scalextric also offers a multilane power base that lets you build 4, 6, or even 8-lane tracks while still keeping all the controller and transformer connections on the outside of the track. Scalextric also offers a complete inside and outside border system. Track borders are important because they allow the car on the outside lane to corner with the tail hung out as much as the cars on the inner lane or lanes without putting a wheel over the track edge or running into the guard rail and deslotting. All Sport borders come with guard rails included.

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