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We often get e-mails from customers asking about procedures for breaking in new cars.  There are all kinds of exotic, expensive, and intricate techniques being touted and debated on web sites, but for most home racers purchasing ready-to-run cars a few simple steps will suffice.

1.  Check the car to make sure there is no binding and all moving parts are turning freely.

2.  Check to make sure the tires are properly seated on the wheels.

3.  Put a drop of oil in each axle bushing and each motor shaft bushing.

4.  Run the car 100 easy laps on the  track, checking the motor every 10 laps or so for overheating.

After that, if no problems emerge, the whole car, including the motor, is ready to race.  If you are going to sand the tires using the sandpaper-on-the-track method it should be done after this break-in procedure is completed.

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