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“I’ve been around racing all my life,” he said.

About two years ago, Bell got into slot cars, which are electronically-powered model cars that race on a track with a groove or slot to guide them.

Bell, who is 19, has decided to make a profit on his passion.

Four weeks ago, he opened Bad 2 Da Bone Raceway and Hobbies in a shopping plaza on Lackey Street.

The shop features a 124-scale replica of a quarter mile race track.

Bad 2 Da Bone hosts racing tournaments, attracting remote-controlled car enthusiasts from across the state, Bell said. He hopes to get 300 people for a Feb. 25 tournament.

Bell graduated from Red Springs High School in 2004. At 6 feet 4 inches tall, he is lanky with a soft voice.

His father gave him some money to buy the racetrack and lease the storefront, but the business is in his name, he said.

Bell hasn’t taken any business courses, but he said he’s confident he can handle the store’s paperwork.

“I’m always helping my daddy. He owns a construction company, and I’m always doing his payroll,” he said.

If things go well, he plans to build a miniature NASCAR track.

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