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So how cool is this – maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t: Carrera has gained the world wide rights to to using Ferrari for slot cars! Here’s the official press release from Carrera:

Carrera Gains World-Wide Exclusive Rights to Ferrari for Electric Racing

Cranbury, NJ January 2010 – No other automobile manufacturer electrifies its fans like the Italian road-rocket-smiths at Ferrari with fantastically crafted dynamics and fascinating designs. Out on the street and around the racetracks of the world these refined thoroughbreds from Maranello have been producing the ultimate automotive fantasies since 1947.

Now Ferrari and Carrera have come to a worldwide exclusive agreement for the slot racing sector. Carrera is the world market leader in electric slot car racing and this year the company is introducing breathtaking and exclusive historic and modern Ferrari models in various scales. The vehicles are authentic, highly detailed replicas of the originals in the premium quality and performance expected of Carrera.

Carrera DIGITAL 124 – Large scale perfection
The Ferrari 250 GTO was originally built in 1953-64 and is to be produced in three versions; Targa Florio 1964 “No.112”, ’62 Sebring 12h 1964 and ’62 – in the worldwide unique 1:24 scale format. The classic Ferrari 12 cylinder was given its name, as were its many successors, to reflect the cylinder capacity of each of its 12 cylinders: 250 cm3. Carrera is also introducing the successor of the 250, the Ferrari 330 as a ‘3/4 No.22’ and the NART ’67 version of the Ferrari 412P originally introduced in 1976. Whether intended for racetrack action or as display case exhibits – Carrera’s new Ferrari models prove dreams do come true.

Carrera DIGITAL 132 – A blend of the latest technology and Italian automotive artistry
In the 1:32 scale digital format there will be two complete Ferrari sets and a range of five individual cars. In the ‘Formula Racing’ set the Ferrari F1 2010 by Fernando Alonso creates authentic Formula 1 racing fever – at home. ‘Ferrari Competition’ sees drivers enjoy the Ferrari 599 XX in the racing version, or to be admired in the ‘Geneva Motorshow’ presentation variation. The Ferrari 599 XX is the second-most powerful sportscar ever produced by Ferrari and as with many other Carrera Digital 132 models it has front (xenon) and rear lights including brake lights. The Ferrari 458 Italia also enables Carrera fans to experience the brand new 570 bhp sport scar coup√© from Maranello on a digital racetrack in two versions; a system allowing racing with up to six cars on a two lane circuit with top-speed overtaking.

Carrera Evolution: Great traditional Ferrari classics
This fantastic Scuderia output is also available in the Carrera Evolution analogue sector. A raised pulse is guaranteed by these complete sets: ‘Ferrari Racing’ – featuring two Ferrari 599 XX, and ‘Ferrari Racing’ – with the Ferrari F1 2010 in which Fernando Alonso duels with the McLaren-Mercedes MP4-24 ‘No.1’, and is a guarantee for a heart-pumping action. Additionally, there are also two Ferrari 458 Italia raring to go. All Carrera Evolution cars can be re-equipped quickly and easily for use on the digital circuit.

Carrera DIGITAL 143 – digital adventures with the rearing horse
The digital 1:43 scale set up offers Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari F1 2010 in the complete ‘Full Speed’ set racing against Sebastian Vettel in the Red Bull RB5. The 5.6 metre track features a loop-the-loop and overtaking for up to three drivers creates a real-life Formula 1 home motodrome. The F1 2010 and the Ferrari 599 XX are also available in the ‘Geneva Motorshow’ set.

Carrera GO!!! – Spectacular action powered by Ferrari
The immensely popular Carrera GO!!! series offers a wide range of action features giving Ferrari fans almost too much choice. There are four Formula 1 complete sets to choose from! The ‘Formula Cup’ pits Fernando Alonso in an F1 2010 against the McLaren Mercedes MP4-24, and in ‘Formula Masters’ against Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull RB5. ‘Formula Champions’ features the duels with the French Renaults and ‘Ferrari Champions’ focuses on battles with team colleague Felipe Massa. The ‘Sportcar Stars’ also offers the additional excitement of the Ferrari 599 XX, paired here against the Porsche GT3 Cup. ‘Ferrari Challenge’ offers two possible versions of the 599 XX. The Ferrari 599 XX and F1 2010 are available as individual vehicles and can also be mostly found in the gigantic Carrera GO!!! accessories package. The Carrera GO!!! Models also impress with model-specific LED front lights, ground light effect or police lights

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  • barry pitcher

    what a tragic disaster for enthusiasts…carrera cars are thick ,clumsy and toylike

  • Cruzinbob

    Perhaps this will inspire them to create a light, agile and more realistic toy car.

  • Mad

    Now 2017 one sees clearly, this disastrous deal has reduced dramatically the offer of Ferrari models. Not even a 70-year Ferrari-set is relleased by Carrera. Previously, there were so many beautiful Ferrari-models by Scalextric, Fly, Racer, Cartrix and many others more. When does this connection (a disaster for ferrari-slotcar-colectors and a shame for ferrari) between Ferrari and Carrera stops?

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