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Here’s a cool article about zipperty slot cars, learn from the Expert Dale Grove on how to manipulate and race with your slot cars!

Dale Grove is off to the races and he’s inviting young and old to join him.

Slot cars may seem as a blast from the past for some adults.

They have, however, been brought up to date at Zippety Slot Car Racing, which opened in July across from Valu-Mart in the Bay.

Two tracks, a six-laner and a two-laner, lovingly crafted by Grove himself, offer the opportunity for eight people at once to race each other at the same time.

The cars work on the same principle as trams and trolley cars, where a low voltage electric current runs in the slot, the car makes contact with it and it powers a small electric motor in the car.

The car’s “driver” has a controller that regulates the flow of electricity and the speed of the car.

If you go too fast, you’ll crash on the curves.

If you go too slow, you lose the race.

Incidentally, it’s all hooked up to a computer that will measure your laps in one hundredths of a second.

Grove has been taking his smaller track to the Barry’s Bay Farmers’ Market on Friday afternoons, where anyone can try it out.

Or drop by the store and let Grove give you a lesson in speed racing.

It’s fun.

Barry’s Bay

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  • Bill Stoffers

    I just received a Carrera 1:32 “Night Drivers”with 1:24 track set. I would like to build a track layout over a 9′ x 5′ plywood base, which will sit on top of my pool table. I would like to add on the Carrera # 20574( 30 degree turns), # 26955 (4 curves and 2 straights), #20561( outside shoulder), and the #20509( 4 straights). With this being in1:24 track is this possible over a 9′ x 5′ platform?? Where can I see some track layouts that would be for 1:24 track? Thanks in advance I look forward in working with you, bill

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