Slot Cars in the LA Times

It’s pretty awesome to see slotcars getting some love in the LA Times last week. The clubs and individuals running tracks across the area are passionate about what they do. And that passion is [...]

Electric Dreams Supplies 90 Mercedes Racers for Slot Mods’ Pebble Beach Laguna Seca Slot Car Track.Slot Mods Does It Again!

If you found your way here, chances are that you love slot cars and probably spend hours trying to get the absolute perfect lap around the track. Now there are tracks and there are tracks... But [...]

Slot Cars on Prime Time TV!

Electric Dreams’ slot cars hit Prime Time TV! We're very excited to have had our slot cars featured on the hit show “Castle” on ABC TV. Most of this show's episode weaves around our slot cars, [...]

Slot Mods on Tour

The Slot Mods crew will be back exhibiting an awesome track at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows. Returning for another year, the Progressive Motorcycle Garage has set up featuring a [...]