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We’ve been working on completing the modular scenery for our track.  The layout is built on standard office tables of various lengths arranged to fit the shape of the layout.  The scenery is constructed in modules that fit around the track and are easily removable.  The goal is to have a layout that looks like a permanently constructed layout but can easily be disassembled and moved.  We also have designed the project so that there are no modifications to the tables that would prevent them from being put to any of their normal household or business uses if needed.

This is one of the smaller scenery modules.  When finished it will be a flag/emergency vehicle station with corner worker figures and a crash truck.  It will be painted to look line concrete walls and asphalt pavement.  The triangular pieces are supports for Ninco 10220 safety wall and catch fence sections.  They allow the wall sections to be placed anywhere we want them, not just at the edge of the track or borders.  This will give the track a much more realistic appearance and will allow a wider runoff area where desired.

This shows two of the support blocks with a wall section set in place on them.  The wall sections will be attached to the support blocks with small screws or other fasteners; the exact kind has not yet been decided.

This shot shows a section of the track where we are using the Ninco wall and fence sections to establish a wide runoff area.  Inside the wall (toward the track) the surface of the module will be painted to simulate pavement.  Outside the wall we will use a high-quality grass mat material.  The finished module will have corner workers, photographers, TV camera platforms, and other detailing. None of the wall sections has been fastened in place yet in this photo.

More photos to come as the work progresses.

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