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What if you could toss the controllers and race slot cars using only the power of your brain? Science fiction right? Maybe not so much, the UK office of B-Reel decided to give it a try.

So who is B-Reel? The following is from their website:

B-Reel is a hybrid production company; specialized in the field of advanced digital productions, be it web, mobile, out of home or other media.

From the secret laboratory in B-Reel’s London office, comes this brain-bending experimental project utilising a number of cutting edge tech tools. B-Reel UK creative director Riccardo Giraldi led the development of the project view the explanatory video here, as well as some of Riccardo’s creative thinking/musings in a write up below.

The idea is quite simple.

What if you could run a slot car race using your brain?

Ricardo did a bit of research on this and it didn’t take long to realise we already have all we need to make these ideas come to life; he just needed to connect the dots and find an easier way to integrate different disciplines to make the magic happen.

These are the steps he went through:

He researched components and library he could have used

He procured a device that reads mind signals, a Scalextric, Arduino, some tools and electric components

He designed a small electronic circuit to connect Arduino to Scalextric

He wrote the Arduino script to control the Scalextric

He wrote a small Processing application to control the car with the computer mouse

He connected the brain reader device signal to the Scalextric

There are few commercial devices that claim to safely read your brain signals. Ricardo ended up choosing the Mindwave headset from Neurosky for this experiment because of its unobtrusive design and its affordable price.

Pretty cool we think! You want to rest it all from the source?

Read the rest of the article here:

If anyone decides to give this mind trick a try, please let us know…

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