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In the days of the classic era of slot racing, Dynamic marketed the following Mabuchi-based motors. (“D” meaning can side-drive, “EBD” is for end bell-side drive)
Beginning from their association with AMT of which Dynamic became a subsidiary, motors were purchased from Mabuchi with a distinctive purple color. The “Hornet” series was born.
1/ Standard purple FT36D as used in the “Series 2” AMT kits and RTR’s with the brass inline chassis, the Dynamic “Renegade” RTR and the ultra-rare Dynamic Mustang and Cobra RTR’s. Motors were plain with no sticker. Name: “Hornet”

2/ Standard purple FT16D as used in the AMT 1/32 scale kits and the Dynamic “Bandit” RTR cars with the root-beer or dark-red bodies). No sticker on motor. Name: “Mad Hornet 16D”

3/ Standard purple FT26 (EBD) motor, sold separately and also used in the Ferrari 330P3 kit car produced by Dynamic. Called “Mad Hornet”. Gold sticker on motor, “Dynamic Models”.

4/ Standard FT26 as above, but the can is now nickel plated. Gold sticker on motor, “Dynamic Models”.

5/ Rewound FT36, based on the leftover “Russkit 33” that were purchased from Russkit for sale in the rare Dynamic “Swinger” kit, a black AMT Cooper-Hussein body with molded slots to receive the same stamped brass body mount as on the Renegade, set in an in-line chassis specifically designed for this car.
This motor and bearing is painted light metallic green right over the gold, and is rewound, epoxied and balanced. The stack is machined. The end bell is the Mabuchi TKK early unit, so expect them to melt quickly if used in anger. There is no “Dynamic Models” sticker on motor. This motor was called the “Tuned Hornet”.

Identical motors were also sold under the name “Green Hornet” by another marketer, South Coast of Los Angeles and are almost certainly the same motors. More than likely, all were manufactured by Mura for both Dynamic and South Coast. It is not known if South Coast purchased the motors from Dynamic or Mura, but it is highly possible that Dynamic sold them to South Coast once they were obsolete.

6/ Rewound FT36D, with upgraded end bell set-up with brush heat sinks, rewound and balanced. End bell is affixed with two pin tabs on the now metallic red can. I have no stock number on this one and only have seen two Black/white waterslide decal on motor, “Dynamic Models”.

7/ Rewound FT16D painted light metallic green right over the purple color, rewound stock arm with clear varnish over the stock gray stack, drill-balanced. This was used on the original version of the “Super Bandit” (black body, Dynaflex chassis) and is called the “Green Hornet II”. Sticker on motor, “Dynamic Models”. Some have two self tapping assembly screws as the fastening tabs broke when the motors were opened or shut after the rewound arm was fitted. Later ones have two pin tabs.

8/ Rewound FT16D as above but with MURA-built arm, machined stack, “broken” Champion-style magnets, sold in later versions of the “Super Bandit”, also called “Green Hornet II”. Sticker on motor, “Dynamic Models”. Pin tabs on can.

9/ Dewound (10 turns per pole) FT26 motor, stack as on #7. Stock magnets. Can and bearing painted metallic green right over the purple paint of the Mad Hornet motors. Sold separately, never sold in ANY car made by Dynamic or AMT. Also called “Green Hornet”. Some have screws, other have pin tabs. The armature is not machined but receives a coat of high-temp clear varnish, then drill-balancing.

10/ Rewound FT26 motor, same as #9 but with MURA-built arm. Same name and stock number, machined armature stack, pin tabs.
Some of these motors are quite rare, most only scarce. The LASCM is still looking for a # 9 in the original package – if you have one, we would like to make you an offer.

11/ General Electric motor. Dynamic coaxed GE into winding an industrial motor for them. The result: too much torque at too low of RPM, needing impossible gearing.

12/ Rewound General Electric “Silver Hornet”. This version was a tad smoother but it was too late.

13/ Rewound Mabuchi FT16DBB. In 1968, Dynamic re-issued the Super Bandit RTR with a rewound, epoxied and balanced version of the new Mabuchi FT16D with a ball bearing in located in an aluminum housing in the can. This motor is very scarce and apparently was not sold separately.

14/ Team Dynamic Pro-Racing motor. In 1969, Dynamic had a professional racing team composed of Jack Garcia and Bruce Erickson. This Mura motor was briefly marketed by Dynamic in 4 different winds and is very hard to find today, let alone a boxed example.

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    OMG, My old Green Hornet. I saved up my paper route money to get this one! I was king of the track for about 2 weeks until everyone had one. Such is racing.

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