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New Racer RTR cars in stock:

RCR32, Ferrari 312P, Daytona 1970, Ready-to-run car, $229.99 (

RCR33, Porsche 935 K3, Apple Computer, ready-to-run car, $229.99 (

Also, we just received a substantial shipment of Racer Products and decals, which we will have on line as soon as possible.

New Ninco cars in stock:

Ninco 50442, Mosler MT900R, Daytona 24, $55.99

Ninco 50444, Ascari GT, "Gigawave", $55.99

Ninco 50458, Ascari GT "show car", $55.99

Don’t let the show car designation fool you. All you need is some racing decals and you’ll have a bright yellow race car that shows up well anywhere on the track.

Web site upgrades:

We’ve been working on the Electric Dreams on-line store, upgrading many of the images and reducing load times to make our site even more customer-friendly. Stop by and check us out at

Thanks to all for shopping with us!

Scott and the Electric Dream Team

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