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New Items In Stock:

Racer RCR53A Alfa Romeo 33/3, LeMans 1970 #36

Racer RCR53A Alfa Romeo 33/3, LeMans 1970 #36 – $249.99

Racer RCR53B Alfa Romeo 33/3, LeMans 1970 #38

Racer RCR53B Alfa Romeo 33/3, LeMans 1970 #38 – $249.99

Slot It SICA10D McLaren F1 GTR, LeMans 1998

Slot It SICA10D McLaren F1 GTR, LeMans 1998 – $59.99

Slot It SICA12B Audi R8C #9 24h Le Mans race 1999

Slot It SICA12B Audi R8C #9 24h Le Mans race 1999 – $59.99

Announcement from Slot It about these two cars:

“Dear Customer,

We have discovered a quality issue in the front wheels of some cars which may affect your product. This applies to some SICA10D and  SICA12B shipped to the USA and Australia. You might find that the  front wheels are not as round as you would expect from our product. If  this is the case, please replace the original parts with one or two of  the supplied spares.

First, check whether your car’s front wheels are properly working by running the car on the track or spinning them by hand. An unexpected  vibration is the symptom to look for. 50% of the cars could be affected.

Using a screwdriver, remove the body of the car. Grab the front wheels  and twist them so that one of them will come off the axle. Make sure  you don’t loose the ‘cup’ separators which separate the chassis and  the front axle. Remove the offending wheel(s) from the front axle and  replace them. Reassemble the car.

We apologize for the problem caused.

Slot It”

Our warehouse reports:

We received all sorts of parts and some seemed to be missing so we called the distributor to clarify:

Both the SICA12B and 10D should be shipped with a pack of replacement wheels. The 12B will also be receiving a bonus free chassis  (CS12T-60), a version 2 of the chassis which came on the car.  Apparently the car was announced with the 2nd version of the chassis,  but they were not available in time for the car’s production. The  chassis in the car is fully functional, but customers may upgrade if  they wish.

Unfortunately, the distributor forgot to send us the replacement wheels for the  12B. They are supposed to be overnighting them on Monday. All  pre-orders for 10D (unless they also ordered the 12B) will be shipping  this afternoon (March 12). All other pre-orders will ship as soon as the wheels  arrive, most likely on Tuesday, March 16, barring any further issues.

Just For Fun

Javelin kitbash update…

We now have begun painting the car.  We primed it in light grey and then applied the first two light coats of gloss white.  It will need a couple more coats of white before we mask off the areas to remain white and paint the other body colors.

You can see also from this shot that we have made a front air dam for the car from sheet styrene.  Another update will appear in the next newsletter.

Server upgrade on the way:

Electric Dreams has been experiencing unprecedented growth in sales recently, and with that has come a massive increase in web site traffic.  In order to maintain our high level of web site quality and user-friendliness we will soon be upgrading to a much more powerful, higher-capacity dedicated server.  This will ensure that we can continue to grow for a long time while providing the best possible customer service and on-line shopping experience.  We do not anticipate any significant disruption of service during the upgrade, and you will not see any immediate changes in the web site, but this upgrade will position us well to continue serving all the visitors to our web site efficiently and will also provide server capacity for continued expansion of our business and for new features and improvements to come.

Thanks for shopping with us!

The Electric Dream Team

Warehouse phone (310) 676-7600

Free shipping

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