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Special offer!

SCX 14005 TransAm Barracudas, digital, #42 & #48, special offer

SCX 14005 TransAm Barracudas, digital, #42 & #48, special offer – $99.99. Here’s a deal you can’t pass up!  While supplies last we’re making available both of the SCX digital TransAm Barracudas, Swede Savage’s #42 and Dan Gurney’s #48, in one package deal for only $99.99.  That’s 2 digital cars for less than the price of two conventional cars!  If you don’t race digital, just buy these cars and pull out the digital modules.  Ya gotta love it!

New items in stock:

MRRC MC0039 LeMans 1967 2-car set

MRRC MC0039 LeMans 1967 2-car set – $99.99

Scalextric C3067 Ferrari F430, super resistant

Scalextric C3067 Ferrari F430, silver, super resistant – $29.99

Scalextric C3072 Nissan GTR, white, super-resistant

Scalextric C3072 Nissan GTR, white, super-resistant – $29.99

Scalextric C3074 Porsche 997, green, super-resistant

Scalextric C3074 Porsche 997, green, super-resistant.  $29.99

Scalextric C3078 Lamborghini Gallardo GT

Scalextric C3078 Lamborghini Gallardo GT – $39.99

Here’s a car that is not new, but one we have not carried before and just picked up a few of.  If you have been looking for this car, here it is…

SCX 63780 Lancia Delta S4 rally car

SCX 63780 Lancia Delta S4 rally car – $49.99

Just for fun…

Here’s another project underway in the Electric Dream Team’s Skunk Works.  This is a joint effort of the ED tech department and our friends at Pioneer Models.  We’ve been saying for quite a while that the Pioneer cars are great kitbash platforms, and this project is part of an ongoing effort to explore the possibilities.

One of the neat things about the 60s pony cars is that they all had about the same wheelbase and proportions.  Thus, a chassis for any one of them should be a good fit for the bodies of most or all of them.   With the arrival of the Pioneer Bullitt Mustang, TransAm Mustangs, and Mustang fastback race cars, we’ve discovered that not only the chassis but also the complete Mustang racing interior is perfect for kitbashing classic TransAm cars.  In this project we’ve mounted the body from a Revell 60s snap Javelin kit on a Pioneer Mustang chassis.  This same chassis is used on all the Pioneer Mustangs.  The particular one we used came from a Bullitt, and we added a pair of exhausts from a junk Scalextric 69 Camaro.  If you use a chassis from any of the Pioneer Mustang race cars it comes with side exhausts already on it.   The interior assembly came from a fastback race car.

The Mustang chassis itself fits the Javelin body without any modifications.  The only thing we had to do to make the Javelin body fit was to use Pioneer Mustang race car front wheels and tires on all 4 corners.  The  Revell body was not quite wide enough through the rear fenders to fit over the slightly wider race car rears.  Indy Grips 1009 and 1016 silicone tires will fit the Pioneer front wheels (the same size used on all 4 corners of the Bullitt but without the road car center caps).  If you don’t mind flaring the rear fenders a bit you can use the wider race car rears.  That would allow you to use the complete running chassis from a Pioneer notchback or fastback Mustang race car with no changes of any kind.

Here you can see the body posts we made by laminating 3 sizes of Evergreen styrene tubing, as we have described in previous kitbash articles.  We CA glued a piece of sheet styrene into the underside of the body at the front to provide a completely flat area to attach the body posts to.  The posts are glued in with medium CA and then reinforced with 5-minute epoxy.  All we had to do to the interior assembly to make it a near-perfect fit to the Javelin body was just a little filing on the very front upper edge, removal of the two screw sockets on the bottom (one in the center of each of the rectangular areas) and removal of   two mounting tabs at the front edge of the interior, like the two extending from the rear edge in the photo above.

With the body, interior, and chassis assembled, you almost couldn’t ask for a better fit among the components.  The interior looks like it was made for the body.  The angle of the bars at the front of the roll cage even matches the angle of the windshield.   The rear spoiler, like the exhausts, was salvaged from a Scalextric 69 Camaro.

This is shaping up to be the easiest kitbash we have ever done.  We’ll publish a wrapup with photos of the finished car in a future edition of the newsletter.

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