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BFB Competition Rules Clarification

It has been pointed out to us that we need to clarify the difference between modifications and basic car preparation required to make any slot car run properly. Therefore the following is added to the Official Rules for Slot Car Challenge #1:

For the purposes of the Bang For The Buck (BFB) competition within the Electric Dreams Slot Car Challenge #1 the following specific items are recognized as basic, essential car preparation and will not be considered modifications under the rules:

1. Adjusting the fit of stock parts in their stock locations for the purpose of correcting binding, tire rubbing, misalignment, or incorrect or inaccurate assembly at the factory.
2. Replacing a defective original part with an identical part.
3. Removing “flash” from molded plastic parts (excess plastic at mold part lines or at the point where the molded part was attached to the sprue).
4. Lubrication.
5. Sanding the tires to correct an out-of-round or out-of-true condition.
6. Loosening the body mounting screws to allow the body to float.

BFB points will not be deducted for these items.

Competitors’ questions may be posted on the official contest forum at:

The Electric Dream Team

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