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How’s this for some new technology? Apple has just taken slot car racing and put it on its new iPad.

One of the coolest is a top-view racing game, where you lay the iPad on a table, but more Apple hardware is required. To control the game, each player (up to four) uses an iPhone or iPod Touch, controlling the movement of his car with the smaller device’s gyroscopic motion sensor.


Sound like fun, doesn’t it? Well, before you go throwing your slot car set off the roof, consider that you’re probably going to need a good grand’s worth or more of machinery running Apple’s iPhone OS. Fortunately the game itself only costs $5 USD.

Nothing will ever take the place of the real  thing but we still think this  is pretty cool!

Check out the set-up in a brief 19-second video below.

Learn more here: iPad Racer

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