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We have some great new additions to the Electric Dreams shop this week. New Items In Stock: Carrera 27207 Carrera 27207 BMW Z4M coupe, presentation. $40.99. This is a model of the first Z4M race car as it looked at its rollout. NSR1011 NSR1011 Renault Clio cup, #3 yellow. $104.99 NSR1304 NSR1304 Mosler body kit. $20.95 C1199T Scalextric C1199T Street Pursuit race set. $199.99 LM132016-16M LeMans Miniatures LM132016/16M Pescarolo C60 #16, LeMans 2006, RTR car. $236.95 LeMans Miniatures LM132016KP Pescarolo C60, LeMans 2006, painted kit. $174.95. Includes decals to model either the #16 or #17 car. LM132016-17M LeMans Miniatures LM132016/17M Pescarolo C60 #17, LeMans 2006, RTR car. $236.95. The second-place finisher behind the Audi R10 diesel. Coming Soon To Electric Dreams BD1001 Beardog BD1003 Dan Gurney Eagle Indy Car, 1967, RTR car. $429.99. Handbuilt model, very limited production. This week’s one-of-a-kind car Bob Ward repainted this Scalextric C2450 white Mustang in Tamiya acrylic Lemon Yellow and finished it with decals printed on an HP932C printer plus some odds and ends from his decal box. Would you like to show off a car (or a track, building or figures) you’ve built, modified, kitbashed, or repainted? Send us a photo at and watch for it to appear in a future Electric Dreams News. Also, we’re looking for writers to do product reviews and technical articles for us. If you’re interested, e-mail us at Thanks for shopping with us! The Electric Dream Team

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