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Arriving soon at Electric Dreams: MMK45 Ferrari 250TR61, 1961 LeMans winner, RTR car. $194.99. This handbuilt model will be available in limited quantities, and is sure to be a desirable collectors’ car. You will want to add one to your collection for appreciation of both kinds. See the pics below MMK45 New items in stock: Carrera 27210 Carrera 27210, Porsche 911 GT3R, Flying Lizard Motorsports, American LeMans Series. $40.99 Carrera 30127 Carrera 30127, Hot Pursuit Digital 132 Race set. $249.99. The first race set in Carrera’s new and improved Digital 132 racing system. NSR1006 NSR1006 Mosler MT900R #22. $103.99 This week’s customer car: Brock Yates Camaro 42 Bob Ward, a good friend and customer of Electric Dreams, sent us these 3 shots of his Scalextric TransAm Camaro repaint. It’s a model of the famous "Sunday Driver" Camaro driven in the TramsAm by automotove journalist Brock Yates in the early 70s. Bob had the decals made for him on an ALPS printer. The car is box-stock except for the repaint. For those who would like to try a similar project, the starting point is the Scalextric C2451 plain white Camaro ($34.95 in our on-line store). Thanks for shopping with us! The Electric Dream Team

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