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Two of the Fords that ruled the high banks of Daytona and Sebring's runways are available now at new low prices.

Scalextric C3066 Ford GT40, Sebring 1966 (C)

Scalextric C3066 Ford GT40, Sebring 1966 (C)

Scalextric C3066 Ford GT40, Sebring 1966 (C)

$49.95 $39.95
Save 20% off


Scalextric C3325 Ford GT40 P1075, Daytona 1969 (C)

Scalextric C3325 Ford GT40 P1075, Daytona 1969 (C)

$79.95 $54.95
Save 31% off

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Five more of the 2019 Scalextric releases are here, including the white "NASCAR" Chevy Monte Carlo and 1989 DTM Champion BMW M3, so you can order yours now.


Scalextric C4020 Porsche 911 RSR, LeMans 2017 Proton Competition

Race: LeMans 2017 Drivers: P.Long / A. Al Faisal / M. Hedlund 2017 saw Proton competition enter the LeMans 24 hours with this fantastic looking 911GTE. While they didn’t win their class, they still showed an impressive turn of speed.



Scalextric C4028 Ford XY Falcon, ATCC 1973 Winner, Alan Moffat

Race: ATCC 1973 Driver: Alan Moffat 1973 saw Alan Moffat emerge victorious as the winner of the Australian Touring Car Championship in this iconic Falcon.



Scalextric C4040 BMW E30 M3, DTM 1989 Champion

Race: DTM 1989 Driver: Roverto Ravaglia Clinching the 1989 DTM championship the M3 of Roberto Ravaglia is one of the famous of all BMWs M cars.



Scalextric C4072 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1986 - White

If you want to find and apply your own NASCAR decals this is the place to start—an-all-white car with a painted interior.

The 1986 Monte Carlo was an icon of the muscle car scene of the 1980s. used extensively in racing , from top stock car classes right down to local series the car was the mount of many internationally famous drivers as well as hundreds of local heroes.



Scalextric C4022 2018 McLaren F1

Race: Formula one 2018 Driver: Fernando Alonso 2018 looks to be the final year of F1 for the legend that is Fernando Alonso, while the results havent been as hoped, the passion certainly has still been there.



New Cars Coming Soon

The second quick and super-detailed SRC McLaren M23 is on the way in the bright Lucky Strike deco. You can pre-order yours now.


SRC 02302 1974 McLaren M23 Ford 'Lucky Strike', Driver Dave Carlton---PRE-ORDER NOW!

SRC 02302 1974 McLaren M23 Ford ‘Lucky Strike’, South African Grand Prix dnf, driver Dave Carlton


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