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Two Classic British Racecars, An MGB And D-Type Jaguar From Scalextric, Are On Sale For Just Two Weeks So Order Yours While The Supply Lasts.


Scalextric C3143 MGB, red (C)

1964 Monte Carlo Rally GT class winner. One of the most famous classic British sports cars captured in 1/32 scale. With working headlights and taillights.

$39.95  $39.95
Save: 20% off


Scalextric C3486 Jaguar D-type, Dundrod 1955

Race – Dundrod 1955

Drivers – Mike Hawthorn, Desmond Titterington

Special Features:

  • Easy Change Pick-ups
  • Magnatraction
  • Working Headlights
  • Working Rear Lights
  • Xenon Effect Headlights
  • High Detail

Motor: Mabuchi FC130; 18k rpm; Gear ratio 9:27

Chassis: Rear Mounted Inline; Rear 2 wheel drive

Magnet: Rectangular 2.5 mm; Downforce 96 gm

Overall length: 106 mm

Wheelbase: 75 mm

Axle/Hub width: 54 mm Front; 56 mm Rear

Tire diameter/width: 20(ext), 13(int) x 6 mm Front; 20(ext), 13(int) x 6 mm Rear

Weight: Car 57 gm

Scale: 1/32:

Working headlights and taillights.
$54.99 $39.95

Save: 27% off

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The Newest Sideways Car, The Lancia Stratos In This Unique All-Black Scheme, Is Here With Their Usual Super-Quick Group 5 Chassis.


Racer SW52 Lancia Stratos limited edition

Racer Sideways SW52 Lancia Stratos limited edition.


The Bright Gold Warsteiner BMW M3 Group 5 Car Is Here From Racer Sideways.


Racer SW50 BMW 320 Group 5 Warsteiner / Krebs Team – Zandvoort DRM 1979

Sideways SW50 BMW 320 Group 5 Warsteiner / Krebs Team – Zandvoort DRM 1979, driver A.Krebs .


The Iconic Black And Gold JPS Livery On A Wild BMW 320 Group 5 Car With Sideways Super Performance Is Also Available Now But There Are Limited Quantities Of These Sideways Cars So Order Yours While They Are Available.


Racer SWLE06 BMW 320 Group ‘JPS’ Penang 1983

Racer SWLE06 BMW 320 Group ‘JPS’ Penang 1983.


Another Hand-Painted Pit Personnel Figure From Sideways, The Pirelli Umbrella Girl, Is Here.


SWFIG-014 Pirelli Umbrella Girl

Racer SWFIG014 Pirelli Umbrella Girl.



New Cars Coming Soon

Sideways Has Shipped Their Replica Of The Kremer Porsche 935 With The High-Performance Chassis And It Should Be Here In Early May So You Can Place Your Pre-Order Now.


Racer SW55 Kremer 935K2 Team Willeme-Marlboro Cup – Zolder 1978 — ‘Roneo Vicers’—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Racer (Sideways) Kremer 935K2 – Team Willeme – Marlboro Cup – Zolder 1978 — ‘Roneo Vicers’, driver C.Bourgoignie


These Three New Slot.It Cars Are Due Late Fall But Supply Will Be Limited So Pre-Order Yours Now. The Lola B12/80 Is A Completely New Body To Increase Your Options For Modern LMP Cars To Compete Against The Audis.

40b2d58b-34d9-4196-90c1-8549f4e210af SICA39a Lola B12/80 – #31 – 24h Le Mans 2012—PRE-ORDER NOW! SICA39a Lola B12/80 – #31 – 24h Le Mans 2012.

The Lola B12/80 is a completely new body to increase your options for modern LMP cars to compete against the Audis.


58eb27f6-b3dd-429e-9a92-8b4f76f92f0a SICA10L McLaren F1GTR – #27 – FIA GT Donington 1997—PRE-ORDER NOW! SICA10L McLaren F1GTR – #27 – FIA GT Donington 1997.


2d3b77e9-dac1-4d56-b481-9b39522299f0 SICA33b Audi R8 LMP – #4 – 24h Le Mans 2001 ‘Gulf’—PRE-ORDER NOW! SICA33b Audi R8 LMP – #4 – 24h Le Mans 2001 ‘Gulf’.


It Has Been Years But Slot.It Has Finally Released Another Chaparral 2E, The Car That Raced At Nassau In The Bahamas In 1966, So You Can Pre-Order Yours Now.

458d0df9-56b8-436b-82f0-47d15474b075 SICA16C Chaparral 2E winner Nassau Governors Trophy 1966—PRE-ORDER NOW!

SICA16C Chaparral 2E no. 65 winner Nassau Governors Trophy & Tourist Trophy 1966, driver Hap Sharp.


These Nine Scalextric Cars Are Due In Late May Including The Second Trans-Am Javelin In 1972 Deco And The First Two 60th Anniversary Cars, The Bentley GT3 And Aston Martin DBR9. Be Sure You Have Your Pre-Order In.


Scalextric C3865 BMW M3 E30, Sport Evolution Team Tic Tac—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Scalextric C3865 BMW M3 E30, Sport Evolution Team Tic Tac ranz Engstler is a German racing driver and team boss of Engstler Motorsport. During 1992 Engstler entered the German DTM race series driving for Valier in the famous Tic Tac liveried BMW M3 Sport Evolution.



Scalextric C3867 Ford Sierra RS500, Tim Harvey—PRE-ORDER NOW!

The 1990 Esso RAC British Touring Car Championship season was the 33rd British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) season and marked the last year of the Group A era. It was also the final year of the multi-class format. Tim Harvey that year was racing the Labatt?s team Sierra RS500, after a gruelling season Rob Gravett won the championship with Andy Rouse finishing 2nd in class A and Tim Harvey rounding off the top 3.



Scalextric C3831A Anniversary Collection Car No.1 – 2010s, Bentley Continental GT3—PRE-ORDER NOW!

As Scalextric entered the second decade of the 21st century it has continued to bring technological advances to the slot racing arena. Following Digital has come ARC; a race management system that allows the user to wirelessly manage all elements of the ‘Scalextric race experience’ using Bluetooth technology via a tablet or smart device. ARC seamlessly merges the excitement of real-time slot racing, with the thrill of on screen gameplay.

The Bentley Continental GT3 is just one of many GT3 race cars now offered by Scalextric. Making its competitive debut at the 2013 Gulf 12 Hours in Abu Dhabi on 13th December 2013, many scoffed that a car the size of the Continental would be successful but it has proved to bean amazing car, powerful and well handling it is still one of the best cars in its class. The Abu Dhabi race would mark Bentleys return to motorsport ten years after its dominant win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2003 and as of now the car continues to win in the Blancpain GT sprint and Endurance series, British GT, GT Cup and on many Scalextric layouts across the world.


These Three New Slot.It Cars Are Due Late Fall But The Supply Will Be Limited So Pre-Order Yours Now. The Lola B12/80 Is A Completely New Body To Increase Your Options For Modern LMP Cars To Compete Against The Audis.


Scalextric C3870 Ford Cortina, Alan Mann Racing—PRE-ORDER NOW!

John Whitmore entered the European Touring Car Challenge ant Snetterton knowing that a win would clinch the division 2 championship. It didn?t look good at first with the Alfa Romeos being faster in practice but come race day and despite having to back of due to a slipping clutch, the leading Alfa was black flagged for having no rear lights handing first place to Whitmore.



Scalextric C3847 BMW Z4 GT3, #17, 24h Nürburgring 2015—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Scalextric C3847 BMW Z4 GT3, #17, 24h Nürburgring 2015.



Scalextric C3875 AMC Javelin Trans Am, George Follmer—PRE-ORDER NOW!

In 1972, RWR took over as the AMC factory team. Both Javelins were painted in AMC colours- red, white, and blue. George Follmer became lead driver. Roy Woods resumed his race driving career as the number two driver. Follmer’s Javelin raced with the number 1, and Woods Javelin bore number 2. George resumed exactly where he left off at the end of 1971. In the first race of the 1972 season, Follmer qualified on the pole and dominated the race. Follmer went on to win the 1972 T/A Drivers Championship and win the T/A Manufacturers Championship for the AMC Javelin.



Scalextric C3843 Aston Martin Vantage GT3, Oman Racing—PRE-ORDER NOW!

The Oman Racing Team is run by Kent-based squad Motorbase Performance. The first round of the Blancpain Endurance 2016 championship took place in Monza, Italy. The first race of the season is always one of the toughest but Oman Racing finished the race in 13th position out of 57 starters.



Scalextric C3830A 60th Anniversary Collection car No. 2,2000s, Aston Martin DBR9 Ltd. Ed.-PRE-ORDER

The Aston Martin DBR9 is a racing car built by Aston Martin Racing, debuting in 2005 and appearing frequently in international sportscar racing until the end of the GT1 category in 2011. The car is most famous for taking two LMGT1 class wins at Le Mans 24 Hours in 2007 and 2008 with the Aston Martin Racing factory team.

Collect all seven cars in the Scalextric 60th Anniversary Collection, to be released throughout 2017. This is second releae. The first car is the Scalextric C3831 Anniversary Collection Car No.1 – 2010s, Bentley Continental GT3.



Scalextric C3869 Ford Falcon XC, Allan Moffat 1979—PRE-ORDER NOW!

The 1979 Hardie-Ferodo 1000 was the 20th running of the Bathurst 1000 touring car race. It was held on September 30, 1979 at the Mount Panorama Circuit just outside Bathurst. Allan Moffat and John Fitzpatrick qualified in 4th position for the race, but unfortunately whilst in 2nd after 136 laps the car had reliability issues and the pair were forced to retire from the race.


The 2013 Spanish Historic Rally Championship Porsche, Driven By Carlos Sainz, Is Coming From Slotwings In A Few Weeks So You Can Pre-Order Yours Now.


Fly (Slotwings) WO44-04 Porsche 934 Rally de Espana Historics 2013, champion Carlos Sainz (C)

Fly (Slotwings) WO44-04 Porsche 934 Rally de Espana Historics 2013, champion Carlos Sainz.


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