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GT racing in American colors in one of the least expensive sets we can offer. This is the perfect “starter” set, with rugged cars. This special “summer sale” price will only be offered for two weeks, so order yours now.


Scalextric C1361T American GT Set

C1361T American GT set

with two generic GT cars (one red, one blue) with stickers for American markings.

Analog set with wired controllers

  • Lap counter
  • 4 Multiple tracks
  • Speed limiter hand controllers

Space Required: 191 x 132cm
Track Length: 484cm

$119.99 $95.99
Save 20% off

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The first 1/32 scale Alfa Romeo hardtop coupes are here from Slot Classics including a car that competed in the Monte Carlo Rally and one of the team that raced at Sebring. These are hand-made, and they are sold out at the factory, so order yours now.


Slot Classic CJ49 Alfa Romeo Guilietta "Rallye Monte-Carlo '61"

CJ49 Alfa Romeo Guilietta “Rallye Monte-Carlo ’61”

Custom-made cast-resin body with etched-metal parts. Fully assembled with metal wheels.



Slot Classic CJ49R Alfa Romeo Guilietta 1959 Sebring Dnf Red Coupe

CJ-49R Alfa Romeo Guilietta 1959 Sebring dnf red coupe

Custom-made cast-resin body with etched-metal parts. Fully assembled with metal wheels.


Three new Scalextric cars have arrived including a new Trans-Am Camaro, the 2017 Formula 1 McLaren and a 2016 Le Mans Porsche.


Scalextric C3922 Chevrolet Camaro 1970 Stephen Sorenson

This fantastic white Camaro currently races with the Historic Trans Am series in the United States. The car is in a period correct livery, retained by its current owner and racer Stephen Sorenson. A mainstay of the Trans Am series, the 1970 Camaro is famed not only for its power but also its handling prowess.



Scalextric C3944 Porsche 911 991 GTE LeMans 2016

This particular 991 GTE was driven by the then current Le Mans winner Nick Tandy at the 2016 Le Mans endurance race. Sadly for the team, the car, with is eye catching good looks, proved to be a rather unlucky competitor and the team failed to finish. However, it didn’t stop the team from delivering a wonderfully turned out racing car, with a fantastic works Porsche livery.


Now you can race digital on Carrera Digital track or Scalextric Digital track. The new oXigen digital chip will operate with Carrera Digital track and controllers or Scalextric Digital track and controllers (or with oXigen Controllers) with the same car.


SIO201c Universal OXigen In-Car Chip For Controlling Scalextric SSD, Carrera D132 & OXigen-PRE-ORDER

SIO201c Universal oXigen in-car chip for controlling Scalextric SSD, Carrera D132, and oXigen systems

Type C chip, when properly executed, will work as:
1 – an oXigen chip. All that an oXigen chip can do, it will.
2 – a SSD chip, same as a Scalextric in-car chip – i.e. compatible with Hornby SSD using SSD controllers
3 – a D132 chip, same as a Carrera in-car chip – i.e. compatible with Carrera D132 using Carrera Digital controllers
4 – a oXigen chip Scalextric digital track using only the oXigen system and oXigen controllers

The chip will not, however, allow analog power or control from Carrera or Scalextric analog systems (but it will run on a fixed voltage using the oXigen controller).

There is more information in the manual under this link:



New Cars Coming Soon

Carrera has shipped two new Go !!! 1/43 scale sets, one with "Cars 3" racers and the other with a black and white police car and a bright red Mustang. Order them now to be sure you have them for Christmas.


Carrera 62435 Cars 3 - Pole Position

Carrera 62435 Cars 3 – Pole Position 11.81-foot lap length 4.66 x2.30-foot area



Carrera 62462 On The Run Set---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Carrera 62462 On the Run set 14.1-foot lap length


Carrera has shipped 19 of the 20 new Go!!! 1/43 scale cars for 2018. Order yours while there is still a full selection.


Carrera 64098 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Miami Police 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

A fighting bull on the police force This American cop car is guaranteed to make plenty of car enthusiasts jealous: the black Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 “Police” with its striking blue lights has a top speed of 325 km/h, making it guaranteed to catch any law-breaker.



Carrera 64099 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Avio 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

A miracle of speed in striking, contrasting colours The Italian manufacturer launched its limited edition flagshiip, the Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Avio, at the 2016 Geneva Salon. In technical terms, this model offers the usual Lamborghini power, while it creates a visual impression thanks to light effects and contrasting colours: the grey model features impressive red rear view mirrors and an orange dual strip along the bonnet.



Carrera 64103 Porsche GT3 Cup - Lechner Racing Carrera Race Taxi 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

No other taxi offers so much power! Any motor sport fan can take a seat in this taxi as a co-driver: in the Porsche GT3 Lechner Racing, in Carrera Race Taxi livery with the Carrera logo, any fan can enjoy three laps of the Salzburgring and experience the 475 horses at full throttle for themselves.



Carrera 64104 Disney·Pixar Cars - Fabulous Lightning McQueen - Blue 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Carrera 64104 Disney·Pixar Cars – Fabulous Lightning McQueen – Blue 1/43 Scale



Carrera 64105 Disney·Pixar Cars - Rust-Eze Cruz Ramirez 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

The new high flyer in the Cars Universe In the Disney•Pixar Cars blockbuster, Cruz Ramirez is the new whizkid who wins out over new challengers and old racing heroes. On the Carrera GO!!!! racetrack, she races into the hearts of young racing drivers as “Rust-eze Cruz Ramirez” in yellow paint with “Rust-eze” lettering.



Carrera 64106 Disney·Pixar Cars - Chick Hicks---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Carrera 64106 Disney·Pixar Cars – Chick Hicks



Carrera 64107 Disney·Pixar Cars - Strip The King Weathers 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

The old stager of the Cars racing circuit, “The King” Weathers is the veteran of the Cars movie universe and a seven-times winner of the Piston Cup. In the movies, he has retired from active racing – but on the Carrera GO!!! track, retirement is the furthest thing from his mind – he continues to keep the pedal to the metal, extending his record of success.



Carrera 64108 BMW M4 DTM T. Blomqvist, No. 31 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Full speed ahead with the DTM The British-Swedish racing driver, Tom Blomqvist, has been driving for the Bart Mampaey Racing Team in the DTM since 105. His white BMW M4 DTM, number 31, achieves a power output of over 500 PS with extensively modified aerodynamics!



Carrera 64110 Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM G. Paffett, No.2 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Facelifted DTM cars The British driver, Gary Paffett, races for Team Mercedes-AMG DTM HWA behind the wheel of the Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM, achieving 10th place in the driver rankings for the 2017 season. The model was updated all round for the 2017, with 70% of parts being new compared to its predecessor.



Carrera 64111 Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM P. Di Resta, No.3 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Cinematic viewing Featuring the logo of the TV Spielfilm guide on its flanks, British racing driver, Paul Di Resta’s Mercedes AMG C 63 DTM delivered a cinematic performance in the DTM – a tough competitor with over 500 PS available under its bonnet.



Carrera 64112 Audi RS 5 DTM J. Green, No.53

Carrera 64112 Audi RS 5 DTM J. Green, No.53



Carrera 64113 Audi RS 5 DTM M. Rockenfeller, No.99 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

The neon flash The third-generation Audi RS5 DTM features even more extreme aerodynamics than its predecessor. The Audi RS5 DTM model belonging to the German driver, Mike Rockerfeller, part of Audi Sport Team Rosberg, also stands out thanks to its vivid green and neon yellow racing livery.



Carrera 64114 Ferrari 488 GTE AF Corse, No. 71 (Red) 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

A guaranteed winner in distance racing as well At the 2017 Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour, the Maranello Motorsport team, with its drivers Craig Lowndes, Jamie Whincup and Toni Vilander showed how much power is hidden under the bonnet of the Ferrari 488 GT3 – after starting on pole position, they never fell below fifth place, ending the race as winners.



Carrera 64115 Ferrari 488 GT3 AF Corse, No. 51 (Blue)---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Carrera 64115 Ferrari 488 GT3 AF Corse, No. 51 (blue)



Carrera 64116 Mercedes-AMG GT3 Haribo 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

The fastest golden gummy bear Gummy bears everywhere have plenty of reason to celebrate: at the seventh VLN Distance Racing Championship at the Nürburgring in 2017, HARIBO Racing Team Mercedes-AMG achieved a great result, finishing second after starting on pole.



Carrera 64119 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé Solarbeam 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Come rain or shine, this Mercedes always gives its all! When the 522 PS V8, twin turbo engine of the solarbeams Mercedes AMG GT Coupé starts a race, car enthusiasts’ hearts all beat a little faster. A supercar for all seasons!



Carrera 64120 Ford Mustang '67 - Racing Red 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

A dream for all classic car fans The Ford Mustang is a true legend and the original ponycar. In bright red, it will awaken the racing dreams of any fan of classic sports cars.



Carrera 64125 Formula E 1 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Carrera 64125 Formula E 1 1/43 scale



Carrera 64126 Formula E 2 1/43 Scale---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Carrera 64126 Formula E 2 1/43 scale


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