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These MRRC Ford Mk.IV racecars are out of-production, but we found a few and they are on sale for just one week. No dealers.


MRRC MC11032 Ford MkIV, #4 LeMans 1967.

New Edition Series model with fully detailed body and interior including painted driver figure.Technical specification includes Sebring chassis (Inline configuration), Universal guide, SportFix braids, 21k rpm SlimLine motor, ClipFit chassis magnet (can be moved to 2 alternative positions or removed), detailed wheels and tires.

This car uses the MRRC/Monogram Sebring chassis. The Sebring chassis is an excellent universal 1/32 scale chassis for use with body kits and for kitbashig and scratchbuilding projects. It can be set up to handle well in both magnet and non-magnet racing. It has an adjustable wheelbase and is compact enough to fit almost any sports car, GT, or sedan body and to allow the use of wide wheels ad tires within even a relatively modest body width.

MRRC and Monogram cars using the Sebring chassis come with a variety of different wheels and tires. All of them use the same “slimline” motor which provides more than enough power for most home and club racing. They are ideal “donor cars” to provide a complete running chassis for the body of your choice at a cost often lower than purchasing the needed components separately.

$69.95 $59.95
Save 14% off

Race set sale of the week: Start digital racing now with this Carrera set at a special price.


Carrera 30186 Corvette Race Set Digital 132

Carrera 30186 Corvette Race set Digital 132
9.84 x 6.56-feet 24.9-foot lap length
Double lane-change section
The Corvettes have operating headlights, tail lights and brake lights.Race the fastest ‘Vettes, head-to-head, on either lane of a twisty road racing track with a figure 8 overpass.

$414.95 $310.95
Save 25% off

New This Week

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Two new cars have arrived from NSR, including a Gulf-sponsored BMW Z4 with a choice of two chassis and a wild Porsche 908/3. You can order yours now.


NSR0103AW BMW Z4 Gulf Ediiton No. 52 King 21 EVO3

NSR0103AW BMW Z4 Gulf Ediiton no. 52 King 21 EVO3



NSR0103SW BMW Z4 Gulf Ediiton No. 52 Shark 25K

NSR0103SW BMW Z4 Gulf Ediiton no. 52 Shark 25K motor



NSR0104SW Porsche 908/3 Watkins Glen 6 Hour 1972 #42 Shark EVO 21.5

NSR0104SW Porsche 908/3 Watkins Glen 6 Hour 1972 #42, sidewinder Shark EVO 21.5 rpm motor


The September/October 2019 number 107 issue of Model Car Racing magazine is here. You can add a copy to your next order.


MCR107 Model Car Racing Magazine, September/October 2019

The #107 issue explains why most model racing cars are fitted with downforce magnets to make them quicker through the corners, with full Race Track Tests of seven of these “magnet-stuck” cars. You can learn how to install a digital decoder so you can race both Scalextric and Carrera Formula 1 cars on any track. Jim Hansen’s 10 x 20-foot Circuit de Montana wood tabletop race track is featured. There are full reports on the prototypes’ racing background and the performance of the 1/32 scale models of the 1967 Ferrari 330 P4, 1974 McLaren M23 Formula 1, 1974 Porsche Carrera RSR, 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL, 2018 Ginetta G60-LT-P1 Le Mans and 2018 Toyota BRZ (GT86). The track plans list all the sections needed so you can assemble a 2-lane version of the 2-lane Stonesilver Grand Prix Circuit for Scalextric Sport, Classic, SCX, Policar, Ninco, Carrera on an 8 1/2 x 9-foot or a 16 1/2 x 18-foot tabletop with plastic track. There is also a plan for an HO scale 4-Lane Stonesilver Grand Prix Circuit on an 8 x 12-foot tabletop.



New Cars Coming Soon

NSR has announced two new cars, a 2018 Corvette C7.R in 'Castrol' markings and their first Mercedes-AMG in Black Falcon livery. Both are available with either sidewinder or anglewinder chassis. You can pre-order them now.


NSR NSR0107AW Mercedes-AMG Black Falcon #6 Monza 2018 AW King 21 Evo 3---PRE-ORDER NOW!

NSR NSR0107AW Mercedes-AMG Black Falcon #6 Monza 2018 AW King 21 Evo 3



NSR NSR0107SW Mercedes-AMG Black Falcon #6 Monza 2018 SW Shark 25k---PRE-ORDER NOW!

NSR NSR0107SW Mercedes-AMG Black Falcon #6 Monza 2018 SW Shark 25k



NSR NSR0108AW Corvette C7.R Castrol Racing #50 King 21 Evo3---PRE-ORDER NOW!

NSR NSR0108AW Corvette C7.R Castrol Racing #50 King 21 Evo3



NSR NSR0108SW Corvette C7.R Castrol Racing #50 Shark 25k---PRE-ORDER NOW!

NSR NSR0108SW Corvette C7.R Castrol Racing #50 Shark 25k


Seven new Scalextric are are on the way, including the 1/32 scale models of the 1968 Ford Thunderbird in white, the "barn find" VW Beetle and the 2018 Le Mans Ginetta G60-LT-P1. You can pre-order yours now. .


Scalextric C3932 Audi R8 Police Car - Black & White

While not your average police car, the Audi R8 is surely something not many criminals would be able to escape from! This Scalextric version comes complete with both a siren and flashing police lights on the roof.

Perfect for any aspiring law enforcement officer to test their mettle!



Scalextric C4027 Aston Martin GT3, British GT 2018, Flick Haigh, Johnny Adam---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Race: British GT Brands Hatch 2018 Drivers: Johnny Adam / Flick Haigh 2018 saw thew first overall GT3 championship victory for a woman, when Flick Haigh clinched the title at the Donington finale.



Scalextric C4033 Ginetta G60-LT-P1 Blue LeMans 2018---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Race: LeMans 2018 Drivers: L Roussel / M Simpson / C Robertson With the demise of the big factory LeMans prototype teams 2018 saw a new raft of privateer cars come onto the global prototype racing scene. One such new entrant was the British based Ginetta. With the striking chrome livered G60-LT-P1 the firm made a bold statement from the start and the car went as well as it looked, doing well on its debut at the prestigious 24 hours LeMans.



Scalextric C4037 Ford XW Falcon Silver Fox ---PRE-ORDER NOW!

An exciting road car and a legend in Australia, the Silver Fox is a superb example of the Falcon breed.



Scalextric C4041A Ford GT40 1969 Gulf Twin Pack---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Race: Le Mans 1969 Drivers: Jacky Ickx / Jackie Oliver – David Hobbs / Mike Hailwood 1969 saw Ford and Gulf repeat their win of the prestiguous LeMans 24 hour race. This year the GT40 was somewhat unfancied, but it still took the flag.



Scalextric C4045 Volkwagen Beetle Rusty Yellow---PRE-ORDER NOW!

While now a treasured classic car, the famous Beetle has occasionally ended up in this sort of weathered condition, a superb accoompaniment to our Rusty Rides limited edition twin pack!



Scalextric C4077 Ford 1986 Thunderbird - White---PRE-ORDER NOW!

If you want to find and apply your own NASCAR decals this is the place to start—an-all-white car with a painted interior.

The ninth-generation of the Thunderbird marked the introduction of a highly aerodynamic body. The drag coefficient to 0.35 was the perfect basis for a racing body, Ford took advantage of that by setting new records in stock car racing.

$39.99 is shipping their replica of the Opel Calibra from the 1996 ITC Touring Car Championship and you can pre-order yours now.


Slot It SICA36d Opel Calibra V6 No. 25, Diepholz ITC 1996---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Slot It SICA36d Opel Calibra V6 no. 25, Diepholz ITC 1996, driver Alexander Wurz

$59.99 made a "Special Edition" 2016 Lola B12/80 with a 'tribute' Mazda paint scheme for the UK Slot Car Festival and we were able to get a few. The supply is very small, so you will want to pre-order yours.


SLOT IT SISC39B Lola B12/80 UK Special Edition Red/Blue ‘Mazda Tribute’ 2016 Deco (C)-PRE-ORDER NOW!

SISC39B Lola B12/80 UK Special edition car with red/blue ‘Mazda tribute’ 2016 deco


A shipment of hand-made models from Le Mans Miniatures is on the way that includes a replica of Ettore Bugatti himself, the Bugatti Type 57C that won Le Mans in 1939 and the Matra MS650 from Le Mans in 1969. All are available for pre-order now.


FLM132025M Ettore Bugatti Figure---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Cast-resin, hand-made in France.

Engineer and brilliant inventor in the fate full of pitfalls, Ettore Bugatti, born in the end of the XIXth century is a big name in the world of the Luxury cars, but he is also a competitor in the soul. The first victory at the 24 hours of Le Mans of Bugatti takes place in 1937 with Bugatti 57G then in 1939 with the car which will also kill his son, Jean. The war will be right of his beautiful company. Elegant man in any opportunity, he was reproduced wearing his hat, the left hand on the hip and with the dress handkerchief matched with his gloves which he holds in the right hand.



Le Mans Miniatures 132011EVO/1M Bugatti 57C Winner Le Mans 1939---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Hand-made cast resin and etched metal bodies with plastic chassis, front-mounted FF motor, aluminum wheels and gears. Made in France.

This Bugatti 57C #1, entered by Bugatti in 1939 and that won LeMans 24 Hours in 1939, driven by Jean Pierre Wimille and Pierre Veyron, Etorre Bugatti.

It is an “evolution” version, fitted with an ABS injected chassis, especially created for this model. It is probably the longest car in LeMans’s story. The rear wheels are made of aluminum, the crown replaces the ABS one and a new bronze bearing replace the plastic one used previously to improve the mechanical transmission of the model. The in-line motor is positioned at the front as on the original car.



Le Mans Miniatures 132079M Matra-Simca MS650 No.33 Le Mans 1969 Fourth OA---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Hand-made cast resin and etched metal bodies. Made in France.

After the destruction of the MS640 in April 1969, the new Matra MS650 was manufactured in record time to be entered in Le Mans. It is equipped with a long rear hood called a “pedalo” which improves the top speed. There are 4 small air intakes in the front and the air extraction from the radiator has been remodeled. The exhaust pipes are integrated into the rear diffuser to create a venturi effect. Many “Zus” fascners appear on the body shell and headlights. The wheels are 5-spoke wheels with a central nut and the arch conforms to the regulations in force in 1969.

Matra Sport defines its racing colors and the yellow is reserved for the MS650. Since 1968, it is the Blue Seita Orly 915 that covers all Matra. Elf is the main sponsor, the blue Caltex is separated from the logo by the color of the car. The tires are engraved and stamped with Dunlop colors. All these details can be found on the 1:32nd reproduction of this car, driven by Jean-Pierre Beltoise wearing an open helmet with an integral visor.


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