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Yes, this is the best digital race set you can buy at any price. It includes six cars, a full racing program with lap counting, lap timing and dozens of race management choices plus the push-button option of racing analog. There is (just) time to get it by Christmas if you order now.


Scalextric C1330T – Set, DIGITAL PLATINUM, 6 CARS Audi/McLaren/Porsche (C)

Space Required: 9’2″ x 9’2″

Track Length: 28′

Welcome to the exciting world of Scalextric Digital. This set allows you to race six cars at the same time, performing amazing, realistic overtaking and braking maneuvers. You can switch lanes at the touch of a button to overtake or block your opponent.

This set features an extended figure-8 circuit with raised bridge section and two lane-change track sections.

The set comes with the amazing Advanced 6 Car Digital Powerbase (C7042).

The Advanced 6 car Digital Powerbase can be used to race up to six cars on a Scalextric Digital layout at the same time or be used on a standard Scalextric two-lane layout.

– The unit has a clear user interface with two levels of features to suit both the novice and experienced user.

– The Skill Level option allows you to adjust the maximum power levels to individual cars so that ‘novice versus expert’ races can be run more fairly.

– Hand throttles can be calibrated to equalize controller performance.

– Multiple gaming modes, timed endurance and total lap format racing.

– Ghost cars (PACER) function for setting 1 to 6 cars to run automatically, with switchable lane changing and lap counting on individual cars.

– Setting the car ID is easy via a simple, one-button action.

– This Powerbase delivers 15v for faster car performance AND comes with TWO transformers.

-The speeds of cars the power output can be varied to make it easier for beginners to learn how race.

– An ‘open-source’ output connection enables the enthusiast to connect the C7042 power base to a computer for additional functionality.

– This new Powerbase can be used in Analogue or Digital power modes. This great feature allows the Powerbase to be used with standard 2-lane Scalextric circuits, using two cars only, or with Scalextric Digital layouts for 1-to-6 car action. All features are available in either mode.

– Now the best of both worlds is offered – an all-in-one race control system for Analog and Digital racing.

The set inncludes two Porsche 911 GT3 cars, two McLaren 12C GT3 cars and two Audi R8 cars. These Super-Resistant racers feature easy change pick-ups and the Magnatraction™ system to help them stay on the circuit.

Digital layouts are fully compatible with standard Scalextric track pieces.

Scalextric special features in each car:

Digital Chip Installed

Easy Change Pick-ups


Quick-change Braid

Super Resistant


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Get those kids started racing right now with these HO size sets from Scalextric. These are some of the least expensive sets we offer but they are rugged and reliable.


G1116T Set, Micro Quickbuild Bash ‘N Crash HO Size

Set, Micro Scalextric Quickbuild Bash ‘N Crash HO Size

Space Required: 120 x 68cm

Track Length: 370cm

Age Suitability: 5+

Build, Race and Destroy! Enjoy full impact racing with this exciting set.
Features ‘QUICK BUILD’ clip-together cars which break away on impact. Build four vehicle options using the two supplied chassis. Cars feature bright decoration and interchangable bodies. Build five alternative layouts.
Micro Scalextric is ideal for the younger slot racer and the perfect introduction to the action-packed world of Scalextric racing.


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G1117T Set, Micro The Simpsons HO Size

Set, Micro Scalextrtic, The Simpsons HO Size.

Space Required: 108 x 61cmTrack Length: 256cm

Age Suitability: 4+

An introduction to the great world of Scalextric, the Simpsons Grand Prix Set. Featuring a figure 8 race track that is easy to assemble, this thrilling set will be a winner in your home. Brace yourself for exciting races between Homer and Bart. For ages 3+.

Features include:

Skill control dial

Colour coordinated controllers

Subject to licensor’s agreement.

THE SIMPSONS TM & © 2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.


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We have two of the most popular cars on a special Pre-Christmas sale that expires December 19 so buy them while you can. SICA11G Alfa Romeo 33/3 2nd- 1971 Targa Florio #2 SICA11G Alfa Romeo 33/3 2nd- 1971 Targa Florio #2.

$69.99 $59.95

Save: 14% off

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Slot it SICA26D McLaren M8D #12, ‘Paul Newman’

Slot it SICA26D McLaren M8D #12.

$69.99 $59.95

Save: 14% off

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New This Week

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You can paint and decal your own DTM sedan racer (and save a few bucks) with the unpainted complete kit from SICA35z Alfa 155 Ti DTM white kit

SICA35z Alfa DTM white kit.


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The counterpart to the Pioneer General Lee Charger, the General Grant, is here with an early–order key fob. When these are sold out any future orders will not have key fob.


Pioneer P094 Dodge Charger, The General Grant, w/key fob

Special collector edition with real leather key fob with chromed metal key ring, embossed and enamelled Stars ‘n’ Stripes flag badge for your full-size car.

Yankee Doodle Danger! It’s the Duellin’ Generals! There’s trouble in store for the Duke boys. Elmore ‘Four Star’ Froggett is running illegal moonshine in his crazy blue Charger and is cheating and robbing the good folks of Hazzard County. Now it’s time for the Duke boys to take action……

19K motor

Scalextric Digital DPR ready

‘PurePower’ wiring loom

Model complete with display case and special edition packaging

Spare parts bag included under base


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These two wild Can-Am cars have 3D-printed precision bodies and chassis and are assembled and detailed by hand. They are rugged enough to be ready to race and you can have one for yourself now.


CG-1RTR Chaparral 2J ready to race Can-Am 1970, Watkins Glen with working fan

Chaparral 2J ready to race Can-Am 1970, Watkins Glen with working fan.

Ready-to-race with 3D-printed bodies and chassis with drive train components, hand-painted and decorated in America. The fans actually rotate on the 2J.


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CG-2RTR Shadow 1969 Can-Am Mk. I Lowline

Ready-to-race with 3D-printed bodies and chassis with drive train components, hand-painted and decorated in America. The fans actually rotate on the 2J.

The 1969 Mk. 1 Shadow was their first Can-Am car during the period where both full-size cars and commercial slot cars discovered the cornering enhancement possible with a wedge-shaped body to provide maximum downforce. The car needed a massive rear wing supplement the simple wedge but it did race at Mosport in 1969.


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New Cars Coming Soon

The incredible Renault Alpine is coming in early 2017 as a ready-to-race model from MMK with a hand-made, painted and detailed cast resin body. There will only be a few available so pre-order yours now.


MMKART-1 Renault Alpine Group 5 1800, winner Tour de Course Rallye 1972—PRE-ORDER NOW!

MMKART-1 Renault Alpine Group 5 1800, winner Tour de Course Rallye 1972, drivers J. C. Andruet and ‘Biche’.

Cast-resin body with cast and etched detail parts, hand-assembled, painted and decaled. Ready to race. Made in France.


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