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LeMans Miniatures 132056 Audi R18, 2011

LeMans Miniatures 132056 Audi R18, 2011. Preorder now! – $149.99

New items in stock

BSR009P Nash Healey #14, LeMans 1950

BSR009P Nash Healey #14, LeMans 1950, painted body kit – $97.99

BSR009R Nash Healey #14, LeMans 1950 RTR – $234.99

BSR010P Nash Healey #11, LeMans 1952

BSR010P Nash Healey #11, LeMans 1952 – $97.99

BSR010R Nash Healey #11, LeMans 1952, RTR – $234.99

BSR029P Maserati 250 streamliner F1 painted body kit

BSR029P Maserati 250 streamliner F1 painted body kit – $99.99

BSR029R Maserati 250 streamliner F1 RTR – $234.99

H&R HRMJR1 Jack Rabbit motor FC130

H&R HRMJR1 Jack Rabbit motor FC130 – $9.49 This new motor will serve as a direct replacement for the venerable Ninco NC-1.  It has the same RPM and torque and offers the additional benefit of being able to drive off either the can  or endbell end, making it suitable for a wider variety of applications.  Good news for non-magnet racers everywhere! 

 NSR 1098AW Audi R8 GT, unpainted white

NSR 1098AW Audi R8 GT, unpainted white – $109.99

Proto Slot CB064P Chaparral 1 painted body kit

Proto Slot CB064P Chaparral 1 painted body kit – $99.49

 More Kyosho news…

For those of you who may not have seen it yet, this is what the packaging for the Kyosho Dslot 43 cars will look like.

We have it on good authority that the MSRP on the cars will be around $49.99.  If that seems steep compared to the price of Carrera and SCX 1/43 scale cars, keep in mind that in terms of performance, detail, and overall quality the Kyosho cars are expected to compare with those brands in about the same way that NSR compares with Carrera in 1/32 scale cars.    With that in mind the price seems quite reasonable.  One of the things Kyosho has told us is that the cars will come with alternative guides, one for the common 1/43 scale tracks and another specifically for use on 1/32 scale tracks, making the Dslot cars fully compatible with your existing 1/32 scale track system.  And they are proper guides, too, not simple pins, as you can see in the photo below.  What's interesting about this is that a 1/32 scale track should provide for a 1/43 scale car racing room just about  like a 1/43 scale track with borders, something that has been missing from 1/43 scale track systems so far. 

Kyosho sent us some photos of a Dslot layout set up on the floor of the Kyosho USA office.  Here's one of them:

We believe the Dslot logos on the track surface were applied just for exhibition purposes and will not be on production track.

We will be publishing further information on Dslot as we receive it, including firm release dates, and we expect to have the whole product line up for preorder shortly.

 Christmas shipping information

Here are the suggested ordering deadlines to ensure that your Christmas purchases get to you in plenty of time for the big day, whatever part of the country you live in.

US Postal Service within the US:

EXPRESS MAIL:  DEC. 22 (Check your local Post Office)

Please note that Express Mail is the only USPS service that guarantees the delivery date.

United Parcel Service:



UPS does not give specific dates but here is our best approximation:  Basically, UPS Ground shipments (our free shipping method for tracks)  take up to 6 business days depending on distance from our warehouse to the customer.  If you're within a couple hundred miles of Los Angeles it typically gets there next day.  A state or two away might take a couple days, and so on.   A shipment to the East Coast might take a week, perhaps more if Christmas shipping volume is exceptionally heavy.  UPS does not guarantee delivery dates. Customers should account for 2 handling business days before order is shipped ( We almost always ship in 1 day but we're being careful) and their distance from Los Angeles. You can use the time and cost calculator to see the expected delivery date based on shipment date.  If you have special needs please call our warehouse at (310) 676-7600 or e-mail for further information. 

Thanks for shopping with us!

The Electric Dream Team

Warehouse phone (310) 676-7600


Free shipping

Slot car technical information and advice:  

Our warehouse is open to walk-in customers Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm.  Next time you're in the greater Los Angeles area stop by and see us at:

606 Hawaii Street, Unit B
El Segundo, CA 90245

We're just minutes from LAX.

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