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Last week’s “hidden deal”, one Monogram 85-4837 McLaren M6A, Bruce McLaren 1967 race car, was picked up for just $4.99 by SLOT SHARK Todd D!! Look for a new “hidden deal” that will be placed in our web store at some point between Saturday morning and midnight Wednesday. Happy hunting.

The Week’s Best Slot Car Set!

This week’s best slot car set yet: Why? Why not? Treat yourself to the best set in the store. Race all six cars in the set at once on the 28-foot long track thanks to Scalextric Digital. Or, if you have a collection of analog cars, switch to analog with the push of a button (and tape the lane-changers shut).


Scalexric C1330T- Set, DIGITAL PLATINUM, 6 CARS Audi/McLaren/Porsche

Space Required: 9’2″ x 9’2″

Track Length: 28′

Welcome to the exciting world of Scalextric Digital. This set allows you to race six cars at the same time, performing amazing, realistic overtaking and braking maneuvers. You can switch lanes at the touch of a button to overtake or block your opponent.

This set features an extended figure-eight circuit with raised bridge section and two lane-change track sections.

The set comes with the amazing Advanced 6 Car Digital Powerbase (C7042).

The Advanced 6 car Digital Powerbase can be used to race up to 6 cars on a Scalextric Digital layout at the same time or be used on a standard Scalextric two-lane layout.

  • The unit has a clear user interface with two levels of features to suit both the novice and experienced user.
  • The Skill Level option allows you to adjust the maximum power levels to individual cars so that ‘novice versus expert’ races can be run more fairly.
  • Hand throttles can be calibrated to equalize controller performance.
  • Multiple gaming modes, timed endurance and total lap format racing.
  • Ghost cars (PACER) function for setting 1 to 6 cars to run automatically, with switchable lane changing and lap counting on individual cars.
  • Setting the car ID is easy via a simple, one-button action.
  • This Powerbase delivers 15v for faster car performance AND comes with TWO transformers.
  • An ‘open-source’ output connection enables the enthusiast to connect the C7042 power base to a computer for additional functionality.
  • This new Powerbase can be used in Analog or Digital power modes. This great feature allows the Powerbase to be used with standard 2-lane Scalextric circuits, using two cars only, or with Scalextric Digital layouts for 1-to-6 car action. All features are available in either mode.
  • Now the best of both worlds is offered – an all-in-one race control system for Analog and Digital racing.

Also included are two Porsche 911 GT3 cars, two McLaren 12C GT3 cars and two Audi R8 cars. These super-resistant racers feature easy change pick-ups and the Magnatraction™ system to help them stay on the circuit.

Digital layouts are fully compatible with standard Scalextric track pieces.

Scalextric Special Features

  • Digital Chip Installed
  • Easy Change Pick-ups
  • Magnatraction
  • Quick-change Braid
  • Super Resistant


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New This Week

Want to see what’s new? Just keep reading…


Carrera 25206 Power Boost set with LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder

7.12 x 4.56-feet, 17.4-foot lap length

Hybrid-powered high performance

Two sports cars in a class of their own fight out superlative duels. There’s no other way to describe this clash of two automobiles very few people are ever likely to experience live.

Take a deep breath – and put your foot to the floor!

This 5.3-meter racetrack offers a long straight and bends that must be mastered with an acute feel for the power available. For lap after lap of pure uninterrupted action and racing enjoyment! Finesse is essential when driving the LaFerrari, the very latest car with hybrid engine technology from the Maranello stable.

This 963 bhp two-seater is the most powerful Ferrari on the team. The Porsche 918 Spyder is a worthy match. It is also equipped with hybrid technology and can generate an inconceivable 887 bhp. The ’25’ on the bodywork stands for the car’s prototype number: no.25!

Ready for high speed, high performance hybrid action? Nerves of steel are a ‘must’ for everyone involved!


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Awesome Cars Coming Soon


NSR 1187AW Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 GULF #89—PRE-ORDER NOW!

NSR 1/32 Analog RTR Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 GULF Livery Blancpain GT Championship #89

  • Adjustable front axle ride height
  • Drop Arm type Guide Flag with Screw to Allow Fixed Position
  • Setscrew Aluminum wheels all around
  • Anglewinder Balanced King Motor 21,400 RPM & 350 g-cm Torque “Magnetic Effect” – Heat treated axles
  • Machined bronze self lubricating bushings
  • Ultra smooth and quiet all metal gearing
  • Adjustable suspension motor pod
  • Clear Coat Finish for maximum durability and high gloss


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Sloting Plus SP130050 Universal Electronic Controller ADVANCED Model—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Sloting Plus Universal Electronic Controller ADVANCED Model – Color Coded Banana Plugs (Nickel Plated Banana Plugs Shown in Illustration) with SLIP ON Alligator Clips & Boots


  • Built Microcontroller
  • Acceleration and brake control using PWM signals and MOSFET transistors
  • Magnetic (Non Contact) Trigger eliminates friction and does not require maintenance
  • Protection fuse 1.2A built in for extreme overload (+1 Spare)
  • LED operation indicator green
  • Extra flexible power cord 1.5m (59+”) in length
  • 3 Connectors 4mm banana. red, white and black color + SLIP ON ALLIGATOR Clips & Boots
  • Brake adjustment potentiometer
  • General sensitivity setting via potentiometer.
  • Sensitivity adjustment potentiometer Home
  • Adjust traction control via potentiometer.
  • Ability to adjust the trigger travel at minimum (brake) and Maximum (acceleration).
  • Ten different power curves configurable by the user.
  • USB PC Connection Cable + 1.2m connection cable included.
  • Free and downloadable software updates
  • 1 Double Trigger with built-in magnet
  • Protective rubber cable sheath
  • Reduced weight
  • Low power consumption


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