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Get both the Ford GT and the Corvette C7.R in this “Extreme Power” analog race set from Carrera with over 20-feet of track and an overpass.


Carrera 25218 Extreme Power Race Set

Carrera 25218 Extreme Power Race Set

8.2 x 5.8-feet, 20.7-foot lap length
Ford vs. Chevy. This race offers the ultimate adrenaline kick. The latest version of the iconic Ford GT Race Car is fitted with a 3.5-liter, twin-turbo, V6 engine and a giant diffusor. Across the grid there’s the immensely powerful Chevrolet Corvette C7.R with a 5.5-liter, V8 engine. Both of them offer aerodynamics and power incarnate. The challenge is to keep this power under control with icy nerves and precision around the 20.7-foot circuit from the “Extreme Power” Carrera analog set. The numerous bends demand absolute concentration and drifting skills.

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We just received a massive shipment that includes some of the most asked-for Scalextric cars of 2018. You can order yours now!


Scalextric C3896A Ford GT40 1968 – Gulf Triple Pack - Limited Edition

1968 saw Ford continue their successful attempts at the world’s greatest and oldest active endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 2018 marks 50 years of Ford’s third successive win, and the first for a car sponsored by Gulf Oil, who’s famous blue and orange colours would soon become as synonymous with motorsport as the race itself.

Despite two of the three entered cars failing to finish, the winning machine of Rodriguez and Bianchi triumphed by a number of laps over the second and third place Porsches, with the race proving to be one of attrition with only sixteen classified finishers.

This set combines all three of the Gulf entered cars, as a perfect way to commemorate the first win at Le Mans for both Gulf and the Ford GT40 MKI, with the MKIV Ford and the MKII being victorious in both 1967 and 1966 respectively.

Race: LeMans 24Hrs
#9: Pedro Rodriguer & Lucien Bianchi
#10: Paul Hawkins & David Hobbs
#11: Brian Muir & Jackie Oliver
Year: 1968



Scalextric C3916 Ford GT MKII Sebring 1967

Scalextric C3916 Ford GT MKII Sebring 1967



Scalextric C3927 Holden A9X Torana 1978 Peter Brock Sandown #05

Scalextric C3927 Holden A9X Torana 1978 Peter Brock Sandown #05



Scalextric C3946 Ferrari 412P Brands Hatch 1967

Scalextric C3946 Ferrari 412P Bonds Hatch 1967 7th, drivers Richard Attwood and David Piper
The Ferrari 412P was a “customer version” of the 330 P3 race car, which was built for independent teams. One of these teams was Maranello Concessionaires, who purchased the 412P designated 0854.
Racing in the iconic colours of this famous race team, Richard Attwood and David Piper finished the 6 Hours of Brands Hatch in 7th place, valiantly driving the car throughout the 500km distance. Ultimately, though, they were unable to match the pace of the winning Chaparral.



Scalextric C3949 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 1986 No.93 - Red

The Chevrolet Monte Carlo was first produced in 1970 as a two-door coupe. It has since been through six generations, last rolling off the production line in 2007. The 1986 Chevvy Monte Carlo was the fourth generation of the popular car, which had a number of variations from previous iterations.



Scalextric C3969 McLaren F1 GTR - Gulf Edition

1995 Le Mans 24hr, drivers Mark Blundell, Ray Bellm and Maurizio Sandro Sala

Having returned to endurance racing at Le Mans 1994, Gulf Executive Martin Allerton made the popular decision to take the blue and orange of Gulf Racing into GT racing for the 1995 season.

Until then, Gulf had been racing with the Kremer Porsche, that is, until Allerton met with ‘gentleman driver’ Ray Bellm who had recently persuaded McLaren to build a racing variant of the F1 Sports car. So impressed was Allerton that he signed the deal even before McLaren designer Gordon Murray had completed the designs for the new car.

With fellow ‘gentleman driver’ Thomas Bscher purchasing the first off the production line, Bellm snapped up the second and won the BPR Global GT title with Gulf Racing in 1996.

Seen here in a distinctive and collectible Gulf Racing box.


The January/February 2019 number 103 issue of Model Car Racing magazine is here with articles comparing the new Scalextric and Carrera 'Generic' Formula 1 cars, on the easy way to build a 1/32 scale replica of the Cox 1/25 scale Gurney NASCAR Galaxie, race track plans and more. Add a copy to your next order.


MCR103 Model Car Racing Magazine, January/February 2019 (C)---Pre-Order

The #103 issue includes the latest “Tech Tips” for the easy way to build a 1/32 scale replica of Dan Gurney’s 1966 NASCAR Ford Galaxie. The latest Slot Mod’s race track at the Formula One Paddock Club is the featured race track. The “History of the Hobby” features the Cox vs. Monogram Ford Galaxie models in the early sixties. There are full reports on the prototypes’ racing background and the performance of the 1/32 scale models of the 1966 NASCAR Ford Galaxie, 1987 Porsche 962C Le Mans, 2000 Panoz Esperante GTR Le Mans, 2017 Ford GT GTE Le Mans, 2017 Lamborghini Centenario and 2017 Mercedes-Benz F1 W08 Formula 1 cars. The track plans list all the sections needed so you can assemble a 2-Lane version of the WRC Track in Japan’s Sapporo Dome Stadium 2008 on a 5 x 9-foot ping-pong tabletop and a 2-Lane version on an 8 x 15-foot tabletop with plastic track. There is also a plan for an HO scale AFX 2-Lane WRC Track in Japan’s Sapporo Dome Stadium 2008 with a 67-foot long lap on a 4 x 8-foot tabletop.



New Cars Coming Soon

Scalextric' replica of the McLaren F1 GTR that won Le Mans in 1995 is on the way. This is the first accurate 1/232 scale model of a most famous car, so you will want to pre-order yours.


Scalextric C3965A McLaren F1 GTR LeMans 1995, Winner - Limited Edition ---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Scalextric C3965A McLaren F1 GTR Le Mans 1995, winner – Limited Edition


The bright blue and orange 'Gulf' Livery graces the new replica of the number 008 Aston Martin-branded Lola that raced at Le Mans in 2009. You can pre-order ours now.


Slot It SICA31C Lola Aston Martin ‘Gulf’, No. 008, Le Mans 2009—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Slot It SICA31C Lola Aston Martin ‘Gulf’, no. 008, Le Mans 2009


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