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To kick off this week’s newsletter, we have some Carrera news for you:


Carrera has released the prices for the 2015 cars and sets. All are listed under “New Releases 2015 Carrera”. They have not released shipping dates but you can Pre-Order them now to be the first to get yours (and to avoid missing any of the limited production items) or add them to your bucket list for the year.

The Week’s Best Slot Car Set!

Scalextric C1322T Digital Supercars

Why? Because you can start digital racing with standard Scalextric Sport track and two Bugatti Veyron supercars for just $250.


Scalextric C1322T Set, Digital Supercars

Space Required: 6 x 3 1/2-feet

Track Length: 16-feet

Age Suitability: 5+

The Scalextric Digital Supercars Set features 16-feet of track so you can go full throttle and pass your contenders! This spectacular circuit allows you to race up to four cars, with the lane-changing overtaking feature for a challenging head to head crusade to the finish line.

Each iconic Bugatti Veyron car is super resistant and come with a digital chip installed. They are tough enough for skillful, high impact racing. This set is ideal for the budding sports car racer, watch as they brake and change lanes with ease, performing overtaking maneuvers with speed.

This set contains:

– Bugatti Veyron in Purple

– Bugatti Veyron in White

– 16-feet of Track

– Hand held digital controllers

– Power transformer


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New This Week

Want to see what’s new? Just keep reading…

This week we have a great new digital race set (with bluetooth) from Carrera, and, of course, this week’s Featured Best Slot Car Set.

Keep reading – or if you would rather just cut to the chase and see all our new products, click here to go to the shop.


Carrera 30178 GT Passion Digital 132 set with wireless controllers & Bluetooth

Carrera 30178 GT Passion Digital 132 set with wireless controllers & Bluetooth app

Wireless controllers, race control with Bluetooth and a Porsche and BMW pair of fast GT cars on a 30.5-foot lap length racetrack.

Includes Carrera 30369 Bluetooth Adapter to use Carrera’s free app and wireless connection between your smartphone or tablet and the 30352 Carrera Control Unit in the set to display lap counting, timing, race management and other race features on your smartphone or tablet.

Compatibility of Hardware for Carrera Race App:iPhone from iPhone 4S and iPad from iPad 3 others: subject to availability of Bluetooth® LE

Compatibility of Software for Carrera Race App:

from Android 4.3

from iOS 7.0

Note: not compatible with Carrera analog or older Carrera Digital black boxes


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New Cars Coming Soon

You can also pre-order anything from the Carrera 2015 line. Click here.


Fly 038104 BMW M3 “JPS” 1987 Bathurst 1000, Limited Edition—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Fly 038104 BMW M3 “JPS” 1987 Bathurst 1000, drivers Jim Richards and Tony Longhurst. This car is absolutely unique!


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Fly W50103L With LIGHTS Ferrari 512BB, LeMans 1982 “Univisity”

Fly W50103L With LIGHTS Ferrari 512BB, LeMans 1982 “Univisity”. Be sure not to miss this rare Ferrari car!


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Fly 049101L With LIGHTS Ferrari F40 Igol 1996 Le Mans—PRE-ORDER NOW!”

Fly 049101L With LIGHTS Ferrari F40 Igol 1996 Le Mans. Be the 1st! Race with Ferrari F40 Igol 1996 Le Mans


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