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This set is no longer being produced but it is one of the most popular Scalextric sets because it provides plenty of track, two quick cars and an entry-level price. We have reduced the price on the few remaining sets but you will need to order soon to get yours.


Scalextric C1319T Continental Sports Cars (C)

The perfect introduction to the exciting world of 1:32 scale slot racing. The LMP and Pro GT cars are tough enough for full impact racing. Build four different layouts with the track supplied. This set includes a lap counter for even more excitement.

Each hand controller has a two-position selector switch which allows the driver to choose slow or fast speed settings to reflect the driver’s experience. A sheet of decals is supplied with each car so that the car can be decorated with racing graphics.

  • Space Required: 191cm x 132cm
  • Track Length: 484cm
  • Age Suitability: 5+

Special Features

  • easy change pickups
  • magnatraction
  • super resistant bodies
  • decal sheet

$124.99 $99.95
Save: 20% off

Upgrade the Scalextric C1319T Continental Sports Cars set (above) or bring your own Scalextric track up to Digital with this C7042DC Upgrade Package. This incredible Powerbase allows you to race either Scalextric Digital or, by just pressing a button (and taping the lane changer flaps shut), to race two of any brand of analog car. The C7042DC “package” includes everything to upgrade your track—the Digital Plugs to convert the cars must be purchased separately. Save $80.00 on this package deal.


Scalextric C7042DC Digital 6-car conversion package

An ‘open-source’ output connection enables the enthusiast to connect the six car power base to a computer for additional functionality.

This new Powerbase can be used in Analogue or Digital power modes. This great feature allows the Powerbase to be used with standard 2-lane Scalextric circuits, using two cars only, or with Scalextric Digital layouts for 1-to-6 car action. All features are available in either mode.

Now the best of both worlds is offered – an all-in-one race control system for Analogue and Digital racing.

Requires the 15V Power Supply sold separately (P9303) and two Scalextric Digital throttles (C7002)—also sold separately). You will also want one or more C7036 Lane Changers. If you upgrading an existing Scalextric Digital track you will need the C7042 and the P9303 Power Supply but you can use your Scalextric Digital throttles (analog throttles will not operate the system).

NOTE: If you want a complete Scalextric Digital track conversion you can purchase the C7042DC (note the “DC” on the part number and the special price) Package that includes the C7042, P9303 Power Supply, two C7002 throttles, PLUS one C7036 Lane Changer.

The Digital Plugs to convert the cars must also be purchased separately—each car will require its own plug. Most Scalextric cars are Digital Plug Ready so a number C8515 Easyfit Digital Plug (for most cars) or C8516 Easyfit Digital Plug (for Scalextric Formula 1 cars) is a one-screw unplug/plug-in installation. For other brands the C7005 Digital Chip can be installed but the wire connections must be soldered. All three Digital Plugs (chips) also allow the car run on any brand of analog track (but not on other brands of digital).


Complete your collection of rare Fly “Playboy” cars with these two NOS cars at very special prices:


Fly 99056 Porsche 917K, Playboy, presentation box (C)

Features the Fly pod-mount sidewinder setup. To see some easy performance upgrades for Fly classic sidewinder pod cars click here.

$99.99 $59.95
Save: 40% off


Fly 99057 Porsche 906, Playboy, in standard case (C)

Fly 99057 Porsche 906, Playboy, in standard case (C).

$84.99 $64.95
Save: 24% off

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These two new cars are here now. The Audi R18 is a completely new body to increase your options for modern LMP cars.


Slot It SICA38A Audi R18, n.4 3rd Le Mans 2012

Slot It SICA38A Audi R18, n.4 3rd Le Mans 2012



Slot It SICA36B Opel Calibra DTM/ITC 1996 winner, driver Klaus Ludwing

The Opel Calibra V6 is a racing car designed to take part in the German DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft), the German Touring Car Championship that at the time was the technical pinnacle for touring cars. Racing was restricted to Class 1 (first division or D1) cars. The regulation mandated a maximum capacity of 2.5 liters and a maximum of 6 cylinders, derived from approved models and produced in at least 25,000 specimens. Rules also allowed dramatic changes to the car’s motor and chassis, provided that the body shape was maintained. Opel entered the last race of 1993 as a test for the real début, which took place the following year with a car which was ready to compete against Alfa Romeo and Mercedes. In 1996, when the championship had already changed its name to ITC, Opel managed to win both the driver’s and the constructor’s championship titles. This car reproduces the Team Zakspeed number 17 car with which Klaus Ludwig raced and won the Norisring race in 1996.


The March/April 2018 number 98 issue of Model Car Racing magazine is here with articles on the Ford Mk.IV and Ferrari P4 in the new Scalextric 1967 Le Mans 3-Car Set, Monaco GP race track plans and more. Add a copy to your next order.


MCR98 Model Car Racing magazine March/April 2018—PRE-Order NOW!

This issue has five complete road tests of new 1/32 scale cars including the Scalextric 1967 Ford Mk.IV, Revo Slot 1980 Porsche 911 GT2, Flacon Slot 1980 Porsche 924 Carrera GTS, 1991 Porsche 962C, Sideways Huracan GT3 and Scalextric Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. There are full reports on the prototypes’ racing background and the performance of the 1/32 scale models of the 1961 Jaguar XKE, 1967 Ford Mk.IV, 1967 Ferrari P4, 1976 Lancia Stratos, 1980 Porsche 911 GT2, 1980 Porsche 924 Carrera GTS, 1991 Porsche 962C and four 2016 GT racers: Ferrari 488 GT3, BMW M6 GT3, Huracan GT3 and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. The track plans list all the sections needed so you can assemble a 2-Lane version of the Monaco Formula 1 Track on a 5 x 9-foot ping-pong tabletop and a 2-Lane Monaco Formula 1 Track on an 11 X 13 ½-foot tabletop with plastic track. There is also plan for an HO scale AFX 4-Lane Monaco Formula 1 Track on a 4 x 8-foot tabletop.


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