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Slot It SICA11A Alfa Romeo 33/3, Sebring 1971 (C)

Slot It SICA11A Alfa Romeo 33/3, Sebring 1971 (C)


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Two cars have just arrived from, so you can order yours now.


Slot It SICA25F Porsche 962 IMSA Sebring 1988 , Drivers A. J. Foyt And Hurley Haywood

SICA25F Porsche 962 IMSA Sebring 1988 , drivers A. J. Foyt and Hurley Haywood



Slot It SICA33C Audi R8 LMP No.7 Le Mans 2000

SICA33C Audi R8 LMP third Le Mans 2000, drivers M. Alboreto, C. Abt and R Capello


The March/April 2019 number 104 issue of Model Car Racing magazine is here. You can add a copy to your next order.


MCR104 Model Car Racing Magazine, March/April 2019 (C)

The #104 issue includes all of information needed to get the most fun and performance from the Carrera digital system. Tim McQueen’s 8 x 16-foot two-lane Scalextric Raceway is the featured home race track. The “History of the Hobby” features the Strombecker kits, cars and sets that reinvented the hobby in the early sixties. There are full reports on the prototypes’ racing background and the performance of the 1/32 scale models of the 1970 Can-Am BRM P154, 1986 Chevrolet NASCAR Monte Carlo Aerocoupe, 1996 Le Mans McLaren F1 GTR, 2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R Daytona and 2012 Le Mans Audi R18 e-tron quattro cars. The track plans list all the sections needed so you can assemble a 2-Lane version of Riverside Raceway on a 5 x 9-foot ping-pong tabletop and a 2-Lane version on an 9 x 20-foot tabletop with plastic track. There is also a plan for an HO scale AFX 2-Lane Riverside Raceway on a 5 x 9-foot ping-pong tabletop tabletop.



New Cars Coming Soon

The first replica of a season championship DTM car is coming this summer, so you can pre-order yours.


Slot It SICW22 Alfa Romeo 155 V6TI No.8, DTM Champion 1993, Driver Nicola Larini---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Slot it SICW22 Alfa Romeo 155 V6TI no.8, DTM Champion 1993, driver Nicola Larini


This bright Calibra ITC car is coming later in 2019, so you can pre-order yours now.


Slot It SICA36d Opel Calibra V6 No. 25, Diepholz ITC 1996---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Slot It SICA36d Opel Calibra V6 no. 25, Diepholz ITC 1996, driver Alexander Wurz


The first 1/32 scale model of the Toyota GT86 (also known as the Subaru BRZ) is coming from Policar. Now you can pre-order the GT86, the new Policar replica of the last March 701 to race in a Formula 1 championship and the Ferrari F40.


Policar PCAR04C March 701 Monaco GP 1970 Ronnie Peterson—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Policar PCAR04C March 701 Monaco GP 1970 Ronnie Peterson

The March 701 was built in just under 12 weeks, between November 1969 and February 1970, at March Engineering’s factory in Bicester. Designed by Robin Herd, it features distinctive wing shaped side fuel tanks. It was powered by a Ford-Cosworth DFV engine matched to a Hewland DG300 five-speed gearbox. The March 701 won three of its first four races, starting from pole position three times, but suffered from heavy weight and high polar inertia. It was driven amongst others by Jackie Stewart, Chris Amon, Jo Siffert, Jean-Pierre Jarier and Ronnie Peterson.



Policar PCT01A Toyota GT86 (BRZ) No.17—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Policar PCT01A Toyota GT01a (GT86) no.17


The latest "grid girl" figure from Sideways is on the way, so you can pre-order one now.


SWFIG015 - Olivia Grid Girl Holding Sign---PRE-ORDER NOW!

SWFIG015 – Olivia Grid Girl Holding Sign—PRE-ORDER NOW!


Nine new Scalextric cars will be here soon, including the impressive black Trans-Am Mustang and two VW Vans for the Porsche and Jägermeister teams. You can pre-order all of them now.


Scalextric C3755 Volkswagen Panelvan 'Porsche'---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Scalextric C3755 Volkswagen Panelvan ‘Porsche’

The popular VW Panelvan has been used for a variety of purposes for many years. One common use was as a race support vehicle such as the Panelvan modelled here. Produced in striking red carrying the Porsche logo, this van would have followed the racing team around the country, playing a vital role in all repairs.

Digital Plug Ready
Easy Change Pick-Ups
High Detail
Working Rear Lights
Xenon Effect Headlights



Scalextric C3928 Ford XY GTHO 1971 Bathurst Winner Allen Moffat #65E---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Scalextric C3928 Ford XY GTHO 1971 Bathurst Winner Allen Moffat #65E



Scalextric C3938 Volkswagen Panel Van T1B ’Jagermeister’ Green ---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Scalextric C3938 Volkswagen Panel Van T1B ’Jagermeister’ Green The VW Campervan is an instantly recognisable vehicle, and one that continues to be incredibly popular. The Scalextric Campervan has been no exception, proving to be a hit with slot racers and collectors since its introduction.

The Volkswagen Type 2, as it’s known officially, was first produced back in the 1950s and since then has gone through numerous generations, each offering slight variations on the initial design. What hasn’t changed though, is the Campervan’s widespread appeal.



Scalextric C3962 Team Rally Space---PRE-ORDER NOW!

This futuristic livery suits the robust and tough rally car superbly, with aliens and astronauts fighting it out across the bodywork, this car is sure to stand out on track!



Scalextric C4013 Ford Escort Mk1 Gulf Edition---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Race: 1972 Brands Hatch Driver: Kaikkien Aikojen This amazing Escort looks superb in its iconic Gulf livery. Not a scheme usually associated with the Mk1 Escort, Finnish driver Aikojen however used this machine to some success in European Touring Car racing.



Scalextric C4014 Ford Mustang Trans Am 1972 John Gimbel---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Race: Trans Am Driver: John Gimbel Mustangs were a staple part of Trans Am racing. And John Gimbels superb black and red example really stood out from the pack!



Scalextric C4018 BMW 125i BTCC 2018 - Andrew Jordan---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Race: BTCC2018 Driver: Andrew Jordan 2018 saw Andrew Jordan continue with WSR and with the BMW 1-Series. His livery was also as striking as before, and his results were just as impressive.



Scalextric C4019 Holden Torana, ATCC 1977 Peter Brock---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Race: Bathurst Driver: Peter Brock Peter ‘Perfect’ Brock was a true hero of Australian motorsport, as well as his iconic red and white colours his Torana raced in this striking yellow and blue scheme.



Scalextric C4032 Jaguar E-Type - Red 848CRY---PRE-ORDER NOW!

The E-type needs no introduction, and this fantastic looking machine is a star of both screen and road! The licence plate is a “rare” collectir number 848CRY


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