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It’s new product announcement time!

First off the line is Scalextric, with a 2012 product range that includes, among many others, these three US-exclusive cars…

Scalextric C3323 Dodge Charger, Bobby Allison. We don’t yet know if this represents a newly tooled body with all the changes from their Charger road car that would be needed to make a proper stock car model.  It could be another road car painted up as a race car in the same vein as the embarrassing Scalextric “Junie Donlavey” Torino that was the Starsky and Hutch car painted up like a race car but otherwise a road car.  The changes needed to make a proper model of Allison’s race car are extensive, starting with the race car being the Charger 500 with the “fastback” window while Scalextric’s road Charger is the standard version with the nearly vertical rear window.  And that’s just one of many differences.  We really hope Scalextric gets this one right.


C3324 Ford GT40 P1075, Gulf,  as driven by David Hobbs and Mike Hailwood to second place in the 1969 Daytona 24 Hours.

C3325 Ford GT road car painted in 60s Gulf colors.  Our first reaction to this one was “Why?”, but we have actually seen one of these on the street and it doesn’t look half bad in Gulf blue and orange, so it may turn out to be fairly popular.

We’ll have these three cars up for preorder shortly and the full 2012 Scalextric lineup as soon as we can get proper product pages prepared for them.  Meanwhile, you can see the list HERE.  It appears that the new price point for a Scalextric standard-issue (not high-impact or limited edition) car is going to be $52.99.  The new releases from the main 2012 product line most likely to be of interest to US hobbyists include:

C3258 Camaro in retro-Sunoco livery (there is actually a car like this running in a US race series).

C3289 Camaro, Stevenson Racing, GrandAm GT series.

C3291 Lola Coupe LMP from Gregg Pickett’s 2011 ALMS effort.

C3317 Dodge Charger.  does the blower look oversized to you?

The Ozzophiles among us will salivate over this one…

C3303 Ford Falcon (Australian) as driven by Allan Moffat after his fabled Boss Mustang reached the end of its road. Nice opponent for the Holden.

And then there’s this…

Yep, a mid-70s Camaro ,in particular the one from the Transformers movie.  Unfortunately, it won’t be distributed in the US, most likely because Scalextric didn’t want to cough up the fee for the US license.  Okay, they aren’t gong to sell this here, but you’d think that they could have made one of their US exclusives a TransAm/IMSA version of it, like this one, maybe…

This would sell better than the C3325 retro-Ford GT.  Well, maybe next year.  BTW, this car isn’t all that far from this…

A gen-you-wine IROC Camaro.  All they would need to add is some fender flares and a hood hump.Some of you will want one of Scalextric’s cars to build your own IROC car from, and you will pay through the nose for one from an overseas dealer.  We have a better suggestion.  For just a few bucks you can still get Revell/Monogram’s snap kit of a 70s Camaro, and it’s a perfect fit for an unmodified Pioneer Mustang chassis or a Scalextric 70 Camaro chassis with a little trimming at the front end.

More info on the whole Scalextric line to come as we receive it and put it on the site.

New items in stock

MRRC MC11132 Cheetah #27

MRRC MC11132 Cheetah #27 – $61.99. It’s here, it’s finally here!

And to race with your Cheetah…

MRRC MC11141 Kellison #90

MRRC MC11141 Kellison #90 – $61.99

MRRC MC11142 Kellison #12

MRRC MC11142 Kellison #12. – $61.99

Ninco 50558 Audi R8 Lightning, ABT

Ninco 50558 Audi R8 Lightning, ABT – $89.99

Ninco 50589 Porsche 997 Lightning, "First"

Ninco 50589 Porsche 997 Lightning, “First”. $89.99

Ninco 50590 Austin Healey "LeMans Classic"

Ninco 50590 Austin Healey “LeMans Classic”. $84.99

Ninco 55025 Megane Trophy "Kinnesport"

Ninco 55025 Megane Trophy “Kinnesport”. $59.99

Ninco 55042 Lamborghini Diablo "Valvoline"

Ninco 55042 Lamborghini Diablo “Valvoline”. $59.99

Ninco 55043 Lamborghini Diablo “Valvoline” digital. $74.99

Ninco 60019 BMW E30, Blaupunkt, 1/28 scale, plastic chassis

Ninco 60019 BMW E30, Blaupunkt, 1/28 scale, plastic chassis – $129.99

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