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Proto Slot GM019P Lola GT, Mecom Racing 1964

Proto Slot GM019P Lola GT, Mecom Racing 1964, painted body kit – $79.99

Slot It SICA13B Jaguar XJR12, #33, LeMans 1991

Slot It SICA13B Jaguar XJR12, #33, LeMans 1991 – $54.99

Coming later this year from NSR:

NSR 1055 Ford Mk!!, LeMans 1966

NSR 1055 Ford Mk!!, LeMans 1966. Price TBA. This will be a model of the Dan Gurney/Jerry Grant car that led the race until it lost coolant and retired due to overheating in the middle of the night.  Here are photos of a very early prototype shown at a racing event in Europe recently:

This car is equipped with “generic” aluminum wheels for test and demonstration purposes.  The finished production model will undoubtedly come with wheels and tires of the proper size and configuration (not to mention color) for an accurate model.  We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Just for fun…

CanAm McLaren M12 Update:

Here’s our project car with the body modifications finished.  The car is primed and ready for paint.  Here’s another shot:

Still to come:  Creating a cockpit, engine detail, painting, and detailing.

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