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Special set sale for this week: The race set that race fans have wanted most is now available at a very special price for just one week.


Carrera 62369 GO!! Race For Victory Set 1/43 Scale (C)

Carrera 62369 GO!! Race for Victory set 1/43 scale.

6.1 x 2.6-feet, 17.4-foot lap length

The Porsche GT3 and the Chevrolet Corvette are both hungry for victory. The Carrera GO!!! ‘Race for Victory’ set includes a 17.4-foot Carrera racing circuit that truly lays down the gauntlet. Keep the pedal to the metal on the fly-over and race up the steep bend and into the loop. Every grain of horsepower is transformed into speed. The Carrera GO!!! ‘Race for Victory’ set is all about speed. However, skilful driving will not be enough on its own; when racing cars of this calibre meet you’ll need an absolute will to win. Who can ride so much horsepower to victory? Grab the controllers and see for yourself!

$98.99 $73.95
Save 25% off

"Barn find". We found a few of these out-of-production Pioneer "dirty" Dodge Chargers. We put a special sticker price on them. No Dealers. One to a customer.


Pioneer P017 Dodge Charger "General Lee---Moonshine Run" (Dirty Version)

Pioneer P017 Dodge Charger “General Lee—Moonshine Run” (Dirty Version)

$80.99 $53.95
Save 33% off

New This Week

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Two Policar Ferrari 330P4 models are here, one painted to match the car that finished second at Le Mans in 1967 and the other as an unpainted white kit so you can decorate it to match your favorite car or for your own racing stable.


Policar PCAR06a Ferrari 330 P4, No. 21, 2nd Le Mans 1967

Policar CAR06a Ferrari 330 P4, no. 21, 2nd Le Mans 1967, drivers Luigi Scarfiotti and Mike Parkes



Policar PCAR06z Ferrari 330 P4 White Kit

Policar PCAR06z Ferrari 330 P4 White Kit, Unpainted body. Driver is painted.


Two new cars have arrived from Scalextric, a new GT3 Bentley and the first replica of the Ginetta G60-LT-P1 from Le Mans 2018. You can order yours now.


Scalextric C4024 Bentley Continental GT3 Team Parker Racing Brands Hatch 2018

Race: Blancpain Sprint Brands Hatch 2018 Drivers: Aron Taylor-Smith / Josh Caygill For the 2018 season Team Parker racing entrusted the Bentley GT3 to Aron Taylor-smith and Josh Caygill, who scored an impressive class win at the Brands Hatch round.



Scalextric C4061 Ginetta G60-LT-P1 White LeMans 2018

Scalextric C4061 Ginetta G60-LT-P1 White LeMans 2018


We just received a new motor for 1/24 scale Carrera cars that uses less current, so you can race more cars with the standard power packs. It is fitted with plugs and sockets, so no soldering is required to change motors. You can order yours now.


RMS RMS-124-C Carrera 1/24 12-14 Volt Tuning Motor W/Pinion & Leads

RMS Carrera 1/24 Volt Tuning Motor – Works with regular analog or digital power packs ! – ALLOWS YOU TO RUN 6 1/24 CARS ON DIGITAL124 ! – YOU CAN (AND SHOULD) ALSO RUN 1/24 CARS ON 1/32 VOLTAGE !

The conversion couldn’t be simpler- THIS MOTOR IS COMPLETE PLUG & PLAY WITH PINION AND WIRING HARNESS INSTALLED – just remove the Carrera motor and Drop the motor in place and PLUG IN the wiring harness – no soldering is required -. All bolts and connections are compatible with the OEM Carrera motors. No chassis modifications required. Compatible with analog (12-16 v) and digital (Carrera D132) power supplies. The motor bracket holds it in place perfectly. The RMS motor is “rated” at 12 volts, however it will accept up to 24 volts without melting down. If it is to be run on the 18 volt Carrera wall packs look out, it’s too much! Even with the softest and stickiest urethane tires, 18 volts is too much. You will be able to run 4 cars with magnets without any problems. You won’t need any adapter or aftermarket motor pod to make this work. Even without attaching the motor pod screws and they fit and mesh and work perfectly. This motor is your best choice for using the standard 12-14 volt power pack/transformer for your 1/24 cars. No longer do you need to purchase an aftermarket power supply to run your Exclusiv or D124 cars. Keep in mind Carrera’s own Tuning motor rated 24K rpm at 18 volts, this motor is 30K rpm at 12 volts. It’s more than twice as fast. But you will NEVER run it that fast. If you are running D124 you should turn the power down to 40-50% and this motor still provides amazing torque for drifting through turns, magnets or no magnets. It will work with Exclusiv cars also.



New Cars Coming Soon

The Bright Lola B12/80 with a Mazda engine and 'tribute' paint scheme ftom Watkins 2016 is coming soon from, so pre-order yours now!


Slot It SICA39C Lola B12/80 Watkins Glen 2016, Drivers T. Nunez, J. Bomarito & D. Pigot-PRE-ORDER

Slot It SICA39C Lola B12/80 Warkins Glen 2016, drivers T. Nunez, J. Bomarito, and D. Pigot


The latest Ferrari 512BB/LM is coming soon from Sideways in the bright blue "Pioneer" livery. You can pre-order yours now.


Racer SW64 (Sideways) Ferrari 512BB/LM 'Pioneer' Le Mans 1983---PRE-ORDER NOW!

Racer SW64 (Sideways) Ferrari Ferrari 512BB/LM ‘Pioneer’ Le Mans 1983, drivers C. Ballot Lena and J. C. Andruet


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