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Racing is for kids too and this bargain-priced set is a great way to provide the kind of action that kids really want.

Scalextric C1302T Sport – Monster Truck Mayhem Set (C)

The two Monster Trucks in this set compete on this oval track, leaping over a pair of jumps and swerving through the two racing curves. Track borders and barriers are supplied. The Super Resistant Monster Trucks are tough enough for full impact racing.

$159.99 $134.99

Save: 16% off

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You can race some of the fastest and most highly-detailed 1/32 scale cars at some very special prices.

Slot It SICA13C Jaguar XJR12, #35, LeMans 1991

The Jaguar XJR12 is a sport-prototype racing car, born in 1990 to replace the XJR9. This full-size car featured a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. The engine was a V12 engine with two valves per cylinder. In 1990, displacement was 6 liters for the IMSA version and 7 liters in the Group C configuration; these values were increased in 1991, becoming 6.5 liters for the American version and 7.4 for the European one, whose weight was respectively 930 and 1000 kg. The XJR12 was employed by Tom Walkinshaw Racing in particular for the long distance races, such as Daytona, Sebring and Le Mans, as this car was very reliable and regular in race trim. The car was a superb racer: in 1990, it finished 1st and 2nd in the Daytona and Le Mans 24 Hours races, and in 3rd place at Sebring. Later on, it finished in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place at Le Mans in 1991, and in 2nd at Daytona in 1992. Car #35, driven by Jones, Boesel, Feré finished 2nd at the 24h of Le Mans in 1991.

$64.99 $52.99

Save: 18% off

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Slot It SICA21D Lancia LC2 #4 ‘Martini’ 2nd 360km Monza 1986

Lancia LC2 #4 ‘Martini’ 2nd 360km Monza 1986.

Drivers: A. De Cesaris / A. Nannini.

$69.99 $52.99

Save: 24% off

View this Car SICA23C Porsche GT1 EVO98 Jever

The 911 GT1 EVO 98 was designed by Porsche to compete in the GT1 category in 1998, at the Le Mans 24 Hours and in the FIA GT International Championship. The ‘98 car was a brand new model from Porsche. This was the first car built by Porsche with a carbon composite monocoque chassis. In 1998, the FIA GT championship was dominated by Mercedes, but Porsche was able to win the Le Mans 24 Hours.

$69.99 $52.99

Save: 24% off

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New This Week

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The Scalextric “Gulf” Porsche 997 (a new body that is PCR ready so you can upgrade to a pod and drive train) is here.

Scalextric C3732 Porsche 911 (Type 991) – ‘GULF’ Silverstone, 2015 Elms Series

Gulf Racing started using the Porsche 911, type 991 in 2014 and was the first Porsche to wear the iconic blue and orange in over 30 years. Gulf Racing has been winning races for over 50 years and is arguably the most famous name in motorsport.

Pro Chassis Ready (PCR)

Digital Plug Ready

Easy Change Pick-Ups

High Detail


Working Rear Lights

Xenon Effect Headlights

The replacement underpan (frame) to accept motor pods and drive train components must be purchased separately: C8543 PCR Underpan Porsche 911 (type 991).


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The rare (but real) dark blue Rob Walker-sponsored Lotus 72 that Graham Hill drove has arrived so you can orders yours now.

PCAR02B Lotus 72 n.3 Oulton Park 1970, driver Graham Hill

PCAR02B Lotus 72 n.3 Oulton Park 1970, driver Graham Hill.


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We just received a few of the new Carrera C7.R Corvette so order yours now.

Carrera 23818 Chevrolet Corvette C7.R “No.03” Digital 124

More stamina than other racing cars

The Chevrolet Corvette C7.R was first unveiled in 2014 at the Rolex Motorsports Reunion. Just like its predecessor, the C6.R, it’s a master of long distances. The robust aluminium frame, and optimised stingray shape to improve the aerodynamics, have provided the Corvette with the very best prerequisites for a continuation of Chevrolet’s winning series.

The Chevrolet Corvette C7.R has operating head and tail lights and faithfully reproduced details.

Can be raced on Carrera Digital 124 track and can also be raced on 1/24 scale analog track.


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We just received the Slotwings division of Flyslot new Lola T70 and two new Porsche ‘Martini’ 1971s but the quantities are limited so order yours now.

Fly W004-02 Lola T70, LeMans 1968 drivers Norinder & Axleson

Fly (Slotwings) W004-02 Lola T70, LeMans 1968 drivers Norinder & Axleson.


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Fly W005-03 Porsche 917K, 1000km Brands Hatch 1971, ‘Martini’ no. 8

Fly (Slotwings) W005-03 Porsche 917K, 1000km Brands Hatch 1971, ‘Martini’ no. 8, drivers Vic Elford & Brian Redman.


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Fly W005-04 Porsche 917K, 1000km Brands Hatch 1971, ‘Martini’ no. 9

Fly (Slotwings) W005-04 Porsche 917K, 1000km Brands Hatch 1971, drivers Kurt Ahrens & Richard Atwood.

Note: The air intake snorkels that are special-molded parts only on this model.


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New Cars Coming Soon

Super-quick Sideways Ferrari 512BB/LM in highly-visible the 3M deco is due later this month—be sure to pre-order it so you will get yours.

Racer SW47 Ferrari 512BB/LM N.A.R.T. LeMans 24 hrs, 1979, no. 63, ‘3M’—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Racer (Sideways) SW47 Ferrari 512BB/LM N.A.R.T. LeMans 24 hrs, 1979, no. 63, ‘3M’, dnf, drivers Michel LeClere, Peter Gregg and Claude Ballot Lena.


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Vintage 1/24 scale racers have been asking for 5/40-threaded axles. These will be here in early December.

Professor Motor PMTR4502 1/24 #5-40 Threaded Axle 2.75″ Long–PRE-ORDER

Professor Motor PMTR4502 1/24 #5-40 Threaded Axle 2.75″ Long.

Professor Motor 1/8″ (3.2mm) Diameter Threaded Axle WITH SETSCREW FLAT – #5-40 thread – 1/24 SIZE – 2.75″ (70mm) long, 1 axle / package – Area BETWEEN threads 1.59″ (40.4mm) long.


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