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Here is another rarity of the kind Electric Dreams is looking for, in fact the only one of the kind known to exist at this time. This 1/24 scale Pactra “Meyers Manx” RTR dune buggy was found a few years back. It figures in no known Pactra literature, and is in near-mint condition with water-slide decals set over the factory painted body. The chassis is unique in that it uses a real drop arm instead of the ISO-Fulcrum setup found in the already very scarce “regular” Pactra “jail door” frame kit as shown below, and the drop arm is a brass stamping instead of the same part made of anodized aluminum as found in the chassis kit.

So far, no other example has ever been seen anywhere (please ANYONE, tell us if you have one or even seen another), except that Bruce Meyers told me that they sent him one when it was (very briefly apparently) produced in 1968. Bruce also said that he has no clue of what happened to it after he received it. This was apparently the last slot car ever produced by Pactra, and this example is possibly the sole survivor. Clear plastic body kits of this model were issued by Pactra, then sold by Auto World that also used the body kits on their own buggy kits and RTR versions, and later copied by Dallas Booth who also reproduced the decals as self-adhesive items. Unfortunately we have no clue on the type of packaging in which it was sold.

The mint body is factory painted in metallic red with a flat black top. The driver cockpit is molded in white with detailed driver and VW engine at the back.

A little bleeding from the painting rubber mask can be seen…

The chassis is amazing as it looks to be a clone of a 1967 pro-racing chassis, at a time set just before John Wessels invented the “flip-flop” body mounts. The motor is also unusual for a Pactra car as it is a… Mabuchi FT16BB. The motor bracket is unique to fit this motor and will not fit the standard Pactra “Hemi” motor. The gear and pickup are also Pactra items.

Wheel and tires are also unique to this car.

Anyone familiar with the motor bracket on regular Pactra and Competition cars will easily recognize the same architecture and axle bearings.

This already rare frame kit is similar to that of the dune buggy, but has an anodized alloy drop arm that is attached to the back of the motor, the motor bracket forming an ISO-style system. How many of those has anyone here ever seen?

The waterslide decals are in near-perfect shape and really nice. These are the kind of rare survivors we are looking for… Remember, Electric Dreams pays huge money for good ones.

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  • Breckin Meyer

    Hey!…I Googled for meyers manx, but found your page about One of a kind Pactra car?…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  • peter newman

    Just found a near mint ready to run Pactra Meyers Manx, minus the waterslides but has detailed white interior with detailed driver , green goggles, nicely tanned face.
    It is an identicle twin to the one pictured on LASCM site.
    Was part of a slot car parts and pieces auction with no mention of dune buggy or body style.
    Small photo did not showcase body but rather combined many mismatched 1/24 slot components grab bag style. Metallic red and matte black blob caught my attention
    and opened auction page for a closer look.
    Did NOT come with jaildoor chassis rather a hybrid aluminum and brass tube anglewinder. chassis was carrying proper pactra guide flag and jumble also contained proper rear wheels and tires. Just arrived today from columbus, ohio.
    photographed earlier and sent along to philippe.
    covered in right amount of slot dust and interior insert shows evidence of taping and retaping and maybe light gluing being jogged loose.
    No cracks , stress fractures.
    One difference I noticed from the LA car is that at the rear and center of the interior insert, where the engine is molded there are horizontally opposed exhaust pipes extending from the flywheel. This additional plastic creates a very vulnerable “skirt” extending from engine and would certainly cause any driver to trim these extensions to prevent the whole engine casting from being torn off.

  • Electric Dream Team

    That’s AWESOME! Isn’t it fun to stumble across those hidden treasures?

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