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Here is a great little black and white “old school” slot car racing movie. Kind of makes you feel nostalgic.

Ahh, childhood nostalgia. It takes the most unexpected forms at times, including this wall sculpture made from old slot car track and cars by Pete Nidzgorski. Slot cars are what the kids used to do for fun before online deathmatches and MySpace. Belive it or not, kids used to be quite entertained by racing these tiny cars around in a circle over and over. Remind you of a similarly bewildering grown-up activity? (Hint-it rhymes with “ass-car”). This re-utilized kid’s toy makes an interesting piece of wall art and it’s yet another example of how creative types mutate the concept of recycling.

This is just a small example of the idea. Old HO Slot Cars and Track are easily found online. This set up [about half of the track I got] cost me around $100. Track layouts are practically infinite. Its just hanging there so I can take it down, plug it in and enjoy the excitement of Slot Car Racing *anytime.

Here are some cool pictures of this hanging slot car track (slot cars included)


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