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We’ve just discovered that the slot car exhibit at the Peterson Auto Museum has received coverage online from Road and Track Magazine! We couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to the news getting out, on our local NPR station and getting a little coverage on Local news (ABC 7) – we had a blogger from Road and Track Mag show up at the event.

Here’s a bit of what they wrote:

Sometimes a special event can sneak up on you. I heard on the radio that the FarrOut Slot Car Club and charity organization MSFriends were getting together with the Peterson Automotive Museum to bring attention to two often neglected causes: Multiple Sclerosis and Slot Cars. They had me at the slot cars. The proceeds from the event would go to MSFriends, a 24/7 support helpline, staffed by people who themselves have Multiple Sclerosis. Good clean fun for a good cause! I’ll dedicate some of any Saturday to thirteen tracks (some absolutely staggering in their complexity and detail) and a vintage slot car museum.

Read the whole enchilada here: Quick Vic Pulls the Trigger for Charity

We also took some of our own pics. Please enjoy the gallery below!

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  • greg caruso

    is the slot car exibit permanent at the museum?i used to race with stube armatures they were the fastest in the early days i have been a slot car enthusiast since my first set at age 5 me and my mom assembled it it was a battery powered strombecker and i wish i still had it-i am now 53 and love going to tracks(when you can find them)and helping the kids-to many times i see arrogant as hell pros not even acknowledge the kids-hey guys get a clue you are still racing toys your not roger penske-and the kids will help keep it alive so tell those guys how to build and go fast-to many tracks have closed over the years,leaving enthusiast sitting with a fortune in unsuable toys we have one track in the bay area that i know of that would be in vallejo eddie and janet great people,track time is free-they own the building only reason still around and they have a fast blue king and a road course with drag racing also are there any other tracks in bay area thar anyone knows of aS VALLEJO IS A 25 DOLLAR TRIP JUST TO GET THERE GAS AND BRIDGE FAIR-the tracks in san jose are closed at least i cant get an answer and could you tell me if AL CHUCK OR THE NG BROTHERS JIMMY AND JOHNNY ARE STILL INTO SLOT CARS I WAS BUDDYS WITH THOSE GUYS UNTIL OUR LOCAL TRACK CLOSED I USED TO RACE IN THE NCRA WITH-RICK HINES,JIM AGGUIRE-JIM SPONSORED ME WITH TIRES I HEARD A RUMOR JIM IS NO LONGER WITH US COULD ANYONE VERIFY THAT FOR ME AND OF COURSE MY FAVORITE PRO OF OLD THE SPIDERMAN NEVER LEARNED HIS REAL NAME ARE THESE GUYS STILL ALIVE CAUSE THEY WERE A BIT OLDER THAN I AND I AM GETTING OLD-JUST WONDERING-ANY CLUBS IN BAY AREA ANY INFO YOU CAN SHOOT ME BACK-HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW RADIO CONTROLLED 1/24 CARS-IMAGINE A SLOT CAR TRACK NO SLOTS OR BRAID JUST A FIRM FOAM SURFACE AND 43 CARS JUST LIKE NASCAR-NEW RADIOS DONT INTERFERE WITH EACH OTHER-ONLY PROBLEM TO SOLVE IS LAP COUNTING THINK ABOUT IT YOUR TRACK MAINTENANCE WOULD BE GREATLY REDUCE AND THE ELECTRIC BILL WOULD GO WAY DOWN AND 43 CARS AT ONCE WITH PRO DRIVERS WOULD BE AN AWSOME SIGHT THERE ARE A TON OF GIVEWAY TRACKS ON INTERNET THERES A HUGE TRACK FREE IN NEW JERSEY-LOL—I FOR ONE WOUILD LOVE TO SEE SLOT CARS SURVIVE BUT THERE SURVIVAL HAS ALWAYS BEEN IFFY AT BEST IN BAY AREA THERES A FEW CLUBS ON PENINSULA BUT THOSE GUYS ARE WEIRD ABOUT THERE HOBBY REMEMBER GUYS THEY ARE TOYS AND SERE NOT JACK ROUSH,ROGER PENSKE OR ANY OTHER MILLIONARE RACER ITS A BREAK FROM REALITY TO BE A KID AGAIN LIKE ALL THE GROWN MEN AT THE TRACK-THEN WE RETURN HOME TO REALITY—- MY FOUR LANE HO SET AT HOME-LOL-LOL

  • Electric Dream Team

    Not permanent – but it’s something we’re working on…

  • steve holder

    I havent been around a track or slot cars for at least 40 years, But as a12 year old I remember there was a pre-assembled car put out by one of the major name model makers it seems,, the car was called the CUCURACHA,, does any one remember it?

  • Rapid Ron

    Yes, la cucuracha. The cock roach. Amazingly fast.
    See the link here

  • bernie

    i grew up playing with eldons’ i forgot about 1/32 scale cars. been playing with ho for quite some time’ but my wife and kids bought me a carrera set three years ago for fathers day. ive been back in the hobbie big time now and learning all the new tech stuff. yes im tired of also all these guys taking are hobbie to serious,they forget how to have fun. there toys to help make us relax….

  • bernie

    there toys dont forget thats what they are’ have fun with them

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