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I found this story about slot cars in the (Ohio) Mahoning Valley Tribune Chronicle.  They’re telling the story of a small track in Bristoleville Ohio where folks came from as far away as Michigan and New York to compete.


With a whirring sound, the little race cars streaked through the straights and turns of the indoor track as their owners worked the controls.

It begged the question: How fast do they go?

‘‘I don’t know exactly, but slot car racing is the fastest scale-racing on the planet,’’ Ron Culp of Houston, Pa., said. He’s been involved with it for 30 years.

Organizers of Saturday’s gathering said the tiny machines were negotiating the 156-foot flat track in 7.2 seconds.

And that was in the slower class.

If scale is considered, the fastest cars would be traveling at more than 300 miles per hour, some of the participants said.

Like I said:

Owners came from Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio Saturday to join in a day of competition at the new Bristolville Center Raceway at the corner of state Routes 88 and 45. It was part of the Tri-State International Slot Car Racing series.

Racer’s of all skill level race at the track.

Expert competitors like the Tri-State members will regularly schedule events at Bristolville, but the track is open to the public.

Competitors don’t have to be seasoned or even own a slot car.

It’s nice to see that tracks all over the country are promoting the hobby (sport) to beginners. They even talk about Boy Scout troops coming to race slot cars.


To read the while story go here:

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