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It’s pretty awesome to see slotcars getting some love in the LA Times last week. The clubs and individuals running tracks across the area are passionate about what they do. And that passion is infectious.

Back in the ‘60s, it wasn’t practical for most kids to have a track at home, so the best way to race was to go to a slot car center. A lot of today’s serious club-racers got their start that way, and as the old centers closed, they moved into the garage, building their own tracks.

While that may have made it less visible, it actually enlarged hobby. Instead of paying a few dollars for track time, racers expanded into being modelers and collectors. And even into professionally building layouts for others.

There’s no doubt that getting together with friends and a few beers to contest club races is a great way to blow off some steam on the weekend. Camaraderie, competition, and Corona are a pretty excellent combination.

Not Just for Nostalgia Buffs

We do take exception to the mention in the article that slot cars are on their way out. Between parents playing with kids and the amazing new digital products coming from many manufacturers, there’s a whole new generation ready to come into the hobby. Just take a look at the glow on her face when a kid gets her hands on a controller and sees her car come to life.

As the article points out, while most of the people with huge collections and permanent layouts may be male Boomers, there’s plenty of interest from kids, women, and men of all ages from all walks of life. There’s something universally fun about being in control of 1,000hp – even if it’s 1/24th-scale.


The great thing about slot cars is that they are fun; if you have a little oval you set up a few times a year or if you have a $50,000 custom-built scale world in your garage, you’ll have fun with it. And it doesn’t have to be an either-or. A little more track, a new car for Christmas, or a few pieces of scenery scattered around all add to the fun and don’t require a bank loan.

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