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Cool coverage of Slot Cars and our friends at the FARROUT Slot Car Racing Club. The story features Bruce Talamon and Stephen Farr Jones from the Farrout club.

The story talks about the resurgence of Slot Car Racing and gives a preview of the Exhibit/fund raiser at the Peterson Automobile Museum that benefited MS Friends.

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  • joey v jr

    I think that racing is just great,,i whent from ho cars to the 1/24 slots back in the mid sixtys,,but school,,then college,,but years have gone by,,,here it is thirdy or forty years later,,and its stil here,,,but the cost!!the money i have paid for the things to race,,,is out of this world,,,how do kids pay all this money???,,they parents??i paid two hundred for one car,,almost three hundred for a controller,,but its the best you can get,,,its worth it if you can aford it,,but now i have about 18 cars,,and many ho that are just as fast,,and they cost also,,well thats it for now,,keep on trying to pay and race,,as long as i can,,,thans for your time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,joey

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