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The Slot Mods crew will be back exhibiting an awesome track at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows.

Progressive Motorcycle Garage

Returning for another year, the Progressive Motorcycle Garage has set up featuring a motorcycle slot car racing track

This time around (according the the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows website) Slot Mods will be displaying a  large motorcycle slot racing course featuring scale motorcycle models. As always, there will be an amazing amount of detail put into building this track andwe’re sure that it’ll be quite impressive once you see it in person.

Best of all – you can race with your friends and family while you’re at the show and even better still –  it’s all free. Woohoo!

Here are some pics from the show.

progressive2 progressive3 progressive4 progressive5 progressive6 progressive7

Look for the $50,000 SlotMods demo track at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows at these locations:

Phoenix, AZ – Nov 7-Nov 9

Long Beach, CA – Nov 14-Nov 16

Seattle, WA – Nov 21-Nov 23

New York, NY – Dec 12-Dec 14

Washington, DC – Jan 9-Jan 11

Miami, FL – Jan 16-Jan 18

Dallas, TX – Jan 23-Jan 25

Cleveland, OH – Jan 30-Feb 1

Minneapolis, MN – Feb 6-Feb 8

Chicago, IL – Feb 13-Feb 15

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