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Many slot car hobbyists have asked whether the Scalextric C8332 Dunlop Bridge and its predecessors, including the now-discontinuedC641 Goodyear Bridge, can be used on a 4-lane track. The bridge is just wide enough at the very bottom to clear a 4-lane Scalextric track, but the bridge curves inward sharply enough that the cars on the two outer lanes would hit it. However, if you make a structure at each end that will raise the bridge high enough to clear the cars it will span 4 lanes. The drawing shows the end of the bridge raised 2″, which will clear most 1:32 scale slot cars, but if you plan to run Fly racing trucks or cars with really high wings you may want to raise the bridge 3″. If you build up the supporting structures for the bridge from layers of ¬¨¬∫” modelers’ plywood or sheet styrene you can build scale stairs into the structure, allowing your miniature race spectators to get down to ground level. Use ordinary woodworking glue to laminate wood layers together or CA glue with plastic. Add to the top of each structure a square of thinner plywood or plastic as a locating lug for the end of the bridge.

Article and illustration copyright© 1995, 2009, Robert M. Ward. Used by permission.

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