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Electric Dreams announces contingency award program

for LeMay Museum TramsAm race

The Electric Dream Team is pleased to announce that we will be supporting the LeMay America’s Car Museum Miniature TransAm Challenge, to be held October 18-19, 2013, with a contingency award program in both classes of competition. 

Our contingency program is open to anyone competing in the event.  It does not require a car or parts purchase from ED but does require the car being raced to carry Electric Dreams logo and URL decals as specified below.  Participants are eligible for the following awards in either or both classes (Stock and Modified):

$10.00 for 3rd place.

$20.00 for 2nd place

$30.00 for 1st place

To qualify for the program, cars may not carry logos, URLs or any other text or graphics referring in any way to any other retail slot car dealer.

When any event-eligible car is purchased during the program period the decals will be shipped free with it.  If you have already purchased your event-eligible car during the program period you can request a sheet of decals and we will mail you one free of charge.  Event entrants who have not purchased an event-eligible car from us may purchase a decal sheet on the Electric Dreams web site for $1.99 including shipping (within the US). The decal sheets include enough decals for more than one car so you can do a car for each of the two classes from one sheet.  We also expect to continue our contingency program at selected future events, and leftover decals can be used for those events.

All mail-in entries must arrive at the event site with our decals already in place on them.  On-site In-person entrants have the option of applying our decals (available on site) to their cars at the event itself before their cars are submitted for tech inspection.  An Electric Dreams representative will be at the event and will be glad to assist if needed in selecting and placing our decals on your car to work around any existing livery while meeting our requirements. Note:  Our decals are peel-and-stick.  You probably don’t want to place them over any waterslide decals on your car if you ever intend to take them off, but they should be fine over tampo-printed graphics.  (Added benefit:  If your car happens to have a boo-boo in the paint you may be able to use one of our decals to cover it up.)

To apply for the program send an e-mail to with the following information :

  • Your name, mailing address, and phone number.
  • For each car being entered:  Manufacturer, make and color of the car you will be racing in the event (ex:  Pioneer 68 Mustang, red)
  • If you have purchased an eligible car from us during the program period:  Your Electric Dreams customer number and the date and Electric Dreams order number on which you purchased your eligible car.
  • In the subject line of your e-mail, type: Contingency program for (your name)

It will be helpful to us, though not required, if you will attach a JPEG photo of the car(s) you will be racing in the LeMay event.

Race entrants may sign up for the program anytime up to and including the day of the event prior to submitting the entered car(s) to tech inspection.

All contingency awards earned under this program will be paid out following publication of the official entry list and race results by the event organizers. This should be sometime in the week following the event.  We will pay by crediting the credit card or Paypal account the award winner uses to make purchases from us or a credit card or Paypal account designated by the award winner.

Any car or entrant disqualified or excluded from the event by the event organizers for any reason will also be automatically disqualified from this program.

Electric Dreams reserves the right to reject any application for this program without cause.

Here is a photo showing some possible decal locations:

We require, for the purposes of this contingency award program, that our logo and URL show clearly when your car is photographed from the front or from either side.  Any combination of decal placements that accomplishes this will be satisfactory.  If you are in doubt about the decal arrangement you want to use, just e-mail a photo of your car to and we will let you know whether your scheme meets the requirement.   Our decals can be removed and relocated as long as you don’t do it too many times with the same decals.  We just need them to stay in place for the whole event.  As mentioned above, if you are attending the race in person we can offer you on-site help with decal placement.

If you have any questions or concerns about our program please e-mail them to

The Electric Dream Team wishes the LeMay Museum and all race participants a fun and successful race weekend.

For complete information on the event, click HERE.

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