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Classic Can-Am Racing with lap counting and timing on your smartphone or tablet. And an incredible price!


Scalextric C1329TCA ARC One (App Control System) Classic Can-Am Set

EXCLUSIVE at Electric Dreams: a $279.97 value for just $199.99

The Scalextric C1329TCA ARC One (App Race Control) System Classic Can-Am set utilizes an app with wireless Bluetooth so your tablet or smartphone will control and display lap counting and timing, race results, a listing of your racing stable, track planning and dozens of other race and car control options. This special limited edition set includes four cars (two Modern GT cars and two Monogram-brand replicas of the M6A McLarens that dominated the Can-Am series) and over 16-feet of track to assemble into either of two figure 8s or an open road course.You can only race two cars at once.

The EXCLUSIVE CLASSIC CAN-AM cars included in this set:

Monogram 85-4837 McLaren M6A, Bruce McLaren 1967

Monogram 85-4841 McLaren M6B, L. Motschenbacher

If you prefer to just race, without using the app, just plug in the power pack and controllers, drop the two cars in their slots and go! When you want the lap counting, lap timing and other race management control options, simply download the app.

Note that some brands of cars, particularly older or vintage models, and certain modifications may cause interference and malfunctions to the app. The Scalextric ARC One (App Race Control) system utilizes an app so your tablet or smartphone will control and display lap counting and timing, race results, a listing of your racing stable, track planning and dozens of other race and car control options. Scalextric ARC ONE is a revolutionary slot car system that allows users to wirelessly create and manage races with a handheld smart device*, such as a smartphone or tablet. Download the ARC app, then connect your device via Bluetooth to the new ARC powerbase, unlocking unique features and control of your races. The two controllers and Power Supply (included) are connected to the Power Base track with the standard Scalextric cables.

Personalize your races by selecting features such as race type, driver names and number of laps. Customize and save your race settings and car setup, before you head out on the track to test your skills and challenge your opponent. Use the interactive ARC app to create your own Scalextric garage, listing your slot car collection, track pieces and accessories. See your available layout options, post your race stats on Facebook or Twitter – the possibilities are endless!

* NOTE: Tablet/smartphone not included—see the compatibility image chart on this product to determine which smart devices are compatible with this product.


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Carrera 27499 BMW M4 DTM, “M.Wittmann, No.23” 2014

Unbeatable new power Marco Wittmann in the 500 hp BMW M4 DTM left the competition behind to become the overall winner of his home championship, the German Touring Car Masters 2014. In its very first season the BMW racing car was able to demonstrate its stunning power and achieve a seamless continuation of the success achieved with the previous model. The M3 DTM also won the DTM in its first season.


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Carrera 30731 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 “Polizia”Digital 132

This car can be raced on any brand of 1/32 scale analog track. It will, however, only operate on the Carrera Digital 132 system—it will not operate on any other brand of digital.

The car has a flashing light bar plus operating headlights and tail lights.

The sharp edges and blinding speeds of the Lamborghini Huracán are its trademark as 610 hp scream down the road. This power is produced by a 5.2-litre V10 engine. The sound can make your hair stand on end. It accelerates from 0 – 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds.


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SIPA67c Slot.It Torx T3 screwdriver Adjustable torque


Slot.It Torx T3 screwdriver

Adjustable torque


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The largest set that Carrera offers, with massive size 2 and 3 curves to challenge the Vette and Ferrari drivers.


Carrera 23617 D124 Racing Passion set (Vette vs. Ferrari) Wireless Digital—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Carrera 23617 D124 Racing Passion Wireless Digital set includes a Corvette and special Ferrari 458 GT (that Ferrari is only available in this set). The set features broad radius 2 and 3 curves, making it the largest figure-8 set available!

Size: 370 x 390cm / 12.14 x 12.8-feet, 9/7-meter/30-foot lap length

Contents of box:

  • Chevrolet Corvette C7R and Ferrari 458 GT3 “Clearwater”(ONLY AVAILABLE IN THIS SET)
  • Control Unit WIRELESS
  • Controllers
  • Double Lane-changer, giant 2/30 and 3/30 curves, guardrails, supports

Want to race a third or fourth car?

To race a third car, all you will need is 10111 2.4GHz Wireless+ Speed controller and your choice of any of the D124 cars. If you want to be able to charge two controllers at a time you will also need a 10110 recharging base. You can run up to four D124 cars with Wireless+ controllers from any recharging base. If you are going to race more than three cars at a time you will need a 10111 controller for each additional car.

Carrera also offers the 30369 Bluetooth Adapter to use Carrera’s free app and wireless connection between your smartphone or tablet and the 30352 Carrera Control Unit to display lap counting, timing, race management and other race features on your smartphone or tablet.


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Carrera only produces a limited number of these each year so they are collectible the moment they arrive.


Carrera 23815 Ferrari 575 GTC “Carrera” 1/24 scale Limited Edition 999 pcs D124 (C)—PRE-ORDER NOW!

Carrera 23815 Ferrari 575 GTC “Carrera” 1/24 scale Limited Edition 999 pieces Digital 124


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Carrera 30729 Red Bull D132 Formula 1 “Camo Bull Test Car” 2015. Limited Edition (C)–PRE-ORDER NOW

Carrera 30729 Red Bull D132 Formula 1 “Camo Bull Test Car” preseason 2015. Digital 132 Limited Edition 1999 pieces


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